I am an under-stimulated, bar-tending, cocktail-serving, college graduate who dreams of writing novels in her parlor while chain-smoking Virginia Slims. While I don't smoke and I don't have a parlor, I do write--because there is power in writing. If you're not depressed, you're not paying attention.


The Real IUD: A Personal Account

Women are saying no maybe baby with the many choices of birth control products available, but the IUD in particular has seen a significant increase in popularity and usage.


The Truth About HPV

There’s a stigma that comes with STDs. But almost 60% of college students are infected with HPV, and it’s one of the fastest growing problems Next Gen’s face.


The Adderall Shortage: A Campus Problem

Our generation takes amphetamines to get school work done, sacrificing our passions to social narratives of success. Now, an ongoing shortage of Adderall is beginning to affect legitimate patients of ADHD.