I'm an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran turned Brown University student. When I'm not in school you can usually find me at the gym, on my bike, or losing track of life and time in front of my beloved XBox. My career goal is to become a successful investment banker and open up a doggie daycare.


The Entrepreneur In You

You may or may not become the next Richard Branson, but if you have a unique set of skills, and a bit of good old spunk, you may just be entrepreneur material.


Middle-Class Jobs: Not Gone Forever

Now is not the time to panic folks, there are plenty of middle class jobs to go around, despite nearly 15% unemployment for under-30s.


What’s in Your Bag? Young Professional Edition

Remember when mom would take you back to school shopping? She would purchase everything you needed to succeed in the classroom, right? Well, now you wear adult pants, it’s time for you to figure out what you will need to get ahead in the office.