Puneet works in public relations; loves books, music and rain; will talk to strangers on the train much to the embarrassment of her companions; and possess an appetite too big for her tiny frame. She is happiest when writing and running up phone bills she cannot afford.


The Burqa Ban Debate

For those in favor of the ban, consider the millions of Muslim women across the globe protesting, defending the veil as a valid sign of their identity. The French government is denying them expression of what is an integral part of their personalities and their lives: Islam.


How the globe-trotting generation connects with airlines

We don’t care about brands that send out the one-size-fits-all message to the entire world. My love for Southwest isn’t just about their cheap fares or the fact that my bags can fly free. It’s their flight attendants rapping safety instructions, it’s their fun work culture, it’s about what the airline represents.


Coming to America

“It’s not going to be as easy as you think,” said my father. I nodded in agreement. We were sitting in our living room, on the other side of the world, in New Delhi, India. My visa application papers rested … Continued


There’s Something About Twitter

Conversation with friend while randomly walking around the neighborhood: Friend (very, very curious): So you met these people on Twitter? Me (not liking where this is going): Yeah. Friend (jeers): I thought you were smarter than that. Me (offended): Whaddayamean? … Continued


The Misplaced Motivation Of The Bra Burners

Out of the many worn, misused and misinterpreted words in present-day English language, “feminism” is high up on my list. It is not hard to come across bra-burning misandrists, raving and ranting against the opposite sex, screaming for equality – … Continued