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Smarterer Changes the Job Hunt

Quiz site Smarterer releases a new feature called Skillset, which employers can use to test all those skills you’re lying about on your resume.


No, Damnit! The Art of Saying “No”

Saying no can be challenging, especially with the expectations of friends and family members. How can we say no without making waves? Here are some tips on saying no and getting what you want.


5 Steps for Building an Awesome Brand

One of the biggest business buzzwords has to be “branding.” But what goes into an awesome brand? Where does one even start?


An Ode to Rhode Island

The little state that could, Rhode Island has more than meets the eye.


Gift Ideas For Young Writers

If you’d like your gift to stand out from the crowd, here are some gifts that will surely inspire any writer.


Resume Fibbers Beware, Smarterer is Here!

For anyone who has ever fudged a resume or pretended to be an “[insert area of expertise you completely lack] guru”, we might just have caught you red-handed. Prepare yourself, Smarterer is in beta.