Rob is a sophomore studying at the University of Connecticut. He's often found tinkering with old computers, reading tech blogs, or fixing iPods.


The Next Great Console

My generation loves console gaming. We have fond memories of our Super Nintendos, stories of our epic multiplayer battles in Goldeneye, and woeful sagas starring our Playstation’s disc read errors. We love our consoles now more than ever as they … Continued


Bringing a New Dimension to Television

Dimensions have always been a big topic at CES. Questions like “How wide is this flat screen?” or “How thin is that phone?” are common, but at CES 2010 another dimension has become more important. TV manufacturers, no longer satisfied … Continued


Intel Leads The Way

Intel’s innovations drive the computer industry. Their microprocessors, graphics cards and chipsets form the core of the large majority of personal computers. So when they come out with new chips, people listen. Multi-Tasking For a long time the big game … Continued


Can the Zune Stand Alone?

While most personal media players are shifting focus to features like internet browsing and applications, Microsoft’s Zune HD remains singularly focused. In this age of the super super super smartphones (is that enough supers Google?) it’s refreshing to see people … Continued


Touched by the iPod Angel

I am an Apple fanboy in every sense of the word. Whether it be reading Apple rumor blogs, watching Apple’s latest TV ad, ogling the latest Macs in the Apple store, or saving up to buy the newest iPod. My … Continued