I'm a writer from Miami, Fl. I write sociopolitical satire. I'm a musician and I play in a band called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Twitter: @Ronald_Baez


Neckties And The Men Who Wear Them (A Satire)

The individuals hell-bent against Americans are of a particular breed. These people are, as everyone knows and nobody is willing to say, the men who wear neckties.


Hipster Lobby Gains Momentum (A Satire)

Mr. Kingsley, renowned for his work with the pharmaceutical and tobacco lobbies, has become the lead figure of DC’s newest “Hipster” lobby.


Republican Fatigue: A Satire

Defend your tired and often cranky Republican leaders, America! For as Mr. Boehner concluded at the end of our interview: “We’re doing the best we can think of. We just hope Americans can actually get a clue and give us a couple of days off soon.”


John Boehner’s Tan to run for President in 2012

Boehner’s Tan announces it is running for President in 2012. Armed with Snooki Polizzi as campaign manager, Sarah Palin’s endorsement and the support of the RNC, it looks like the Tan has a chance to bring sanity and reason back to Washington.


Keith Olbermann’s Journalism Snafu

Many see Keith Olbermann’s recent suspension as part of the greater argument as to whether political commentators should be considered “journalists.”