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As If!: The 10 Best ’90s Movie Quotes

This is a list designed to chronicle those unique gems of brilliance that people assimilate into conversation and will continue to for decades to come.


Do we have what it takes to be The Next Great Generation?

We think we’re so freakin’ special. Here we are with our individuality, our technology, our repetitive stress injuries. Not only do we feel different from other generations, we feel the need to point out how different from everyone we really … Continued


Baseball: The Sport We Work to Love

April 4th, 2010. Opening Day. Two men out, two men on in the top of the third inning. The pitcher looks at the runner at first. Then toward home. Then back toward first. Then toward home. He steps off the … Continued


Dear Parents: Go Ahead, Enable.

We’ve learned a lot from you over the course of our lives. It’s true. We’ll be the first ones to admit it. But here’s the thing. Your lessons are most effective when we can see them in action. How you … Continued