I am currently a History major at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. I'm from LA and spent last semester studying abroad in Jaipur, India. I love to read, cook, write and travel, all while being amazed at the world around me! Twitter: @SamiPearlman


Saudi Arabia’s Attack on Women’s Rights

Most Saudi women who have been caught driving are just forced to sign a promissory note stating they will never “misbehave” and drive again.


4 Gift Ideas for the Occupiers

These gifts are great for any Occupier, especially since the police have been cracking down on many Occupy camps and limiting their access to things they need.


Is Burma Headed for Real Reform?

If the government is leaning towards reform, we should encourage that movement as much as possible to help release more political prisoners.


Help yourself, Help some kids, Become a teacher

While you’re waiting for the next great thing to come along, why not choose something that includes giving back to others, and that comes with a stable income and a feeling of fulfillment in a career? That’s right: I mean teaching.