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Legalize! Why it’s time to end Nixon’s legacy

Once upon a time, a racially-charged, paranoia-driven warhawk of a Quaker was our President. Right now, despite our dire economy and record unemployment, we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year to continue a failing crusade against drugs, primarily marijuana, one that Nixon engineered. Seventy-five percent of people under age 34 favor legalization – let’s just do it already!


Libertarianism (isn’t) For Dummies

Libertarians assume that both power and money corrupt, so in order to prevent corruption at the highest levels, we must limit both as much as possible. But, given the impressions of Libertarians in the media, it’s no wonder that many people are left confused as to what we actually stand for.


America’s Favorite Addiction

Like so many Americans, I am an addict. I use my drug every day, I had started experimenting with it in high school and then had started more heavier use during college, switching to more potent ways to get it … Continued


Why LinkedIn Makes Me Want to Puke

While I am an occasional user of LinkedIn, it’s last on the list of social media networks (SMN) that I maintain. LinkedIn just does not deliver the same experience as the others, but initially I wasn’t sure why. After some … Continued


Racism, Comedy, And Hope For Haiti

Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 at the age of 35, and continues to be the youngest male to ever win the prize. When he was assassinated on April 4, 1968 the world was robbed … Continued