Hey, I'm Seth. I'm passionate about branding and experience design (something I'm out to define). I love Boston, traveling, freeskiing, and did I mention branding? I'm co-founder of the venture firm Dangerous Ambition, and probably spend too much time on twitter (@shosko). Hoping to bridge the gap between how we view brands and how most brands view themselves.


5 ways your brand can earn my loyalty

Word on the street is that Gen Y isn’t loyal to brands. Well, that’s simply not true. We’re loyal to the brands that are loyal to us – those that show genuine interest in their consumers and connect in a meaningful way. Gen Y needs more than sales and coupons. Here are five ways brands can earn our loyalty.


Being Metro Is More Than a Label

I’m occasionally labeled as a metrosexual. I laugh at it, but I can understand. I enjoy shopping. I have my favorite brands for certain items of clothing. I am very particular about how my clothes fit. Care should be taken … Continued