I spent several years studying politics and journalism in South Africa before working in the media industry there. Whilst taking photographs of Nelson Mandela and writing about celebrities visiting the "Mother Land" I decided to make my way to the States, in 2009, and have been a grad student at IU ever since. All your tweets belong to me (courtesy of Julia Roy). Twitter: @siyaafrica


Is Streaming The Future Long Tail?

Hulu is not the only one prepping its bouquet with more diverse and original content. It looks like streaming services will soon become a serious challenge to traditional TV.


What is Facebook + Journalists?

For those of us about to enter the job market, we already know that organizations scrutinize our social media presence before we even step in for an interview, so it’s time to take it to the next level.


Thoughts on the Office Hookup

Is the office game for romance, or should we stick to the old “don’t shit where you eat”?


Your Loo Has Been CLOO’d

CLOO is a “community of registered users” who choose to share their bathrooms to make city living easier. It’s like couch surfing for toilets.