A recent college graduate, I'm a bit of an astronomy buff who is in love with words, books, social media and lovely new places. Born in one country, grew up in another and having lived in two others since, I'm a wanderlustress at heart. I dream of living in different places and being able to converse fluently in different languages, and maybe even fit in an expedition or two across the Poles within my lifetime, soaking in all that these experiences will offer and wringing myself out to drench piles of notebooks with my words. Twitter: @essyoukayi


CouchSurfing vs. AirBnB

Unorthodox travel websites and AirBnB have both made news headlines recently for somewhat scandalous events, yet they couldn’t be more different in terms of the values they embody.


An Ode to Bookstores

As Borders begins shuttering the last of its stores, we look at the shift to digitized books, and what the future of bookstores may be.