I'm a former Elvis impersonator wannabe turned Advertising student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I speak four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish & Starbucks. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, reading cheesy pick up lines, investigating the latest trends in pop culture, and my 1992 Rusty Brown Ford Crown Victoria. Twitter: @theresaalopez


Top 10 Party Fouls

Here’s a list of the ultimate, most overlooked party fouls (because there’s no sense in crying over spilt beer unless it’s a Guinness or something like that).


The Killer Moms of Mass Media Infamy

Which chilling stories of killer moms have shaken us most over the past twenty years? Take a look at the following list of women who are by far the worst mothers in America.


Primetime TV’s “Token [Blank] Guy”

Token Black Guy (‘tō-kən ˈblak ˈgī) – A non-white, African-American man employed to diversify a cast of characters in television, film or other media in popular culture.


Cocaine Is (Still) a Helluva Drug

Despite it’s mid-2000s disappearance, celebrities and music artists continue to flaunt their infatuation with blow, bringing cocaine’s popularity back with a vengeance.