I'm a passionate, caring, thoughtful and self-reflective young woman with a heart for the church and a mentality for entrepreneurial ventures. I believe in God, the individual, call, humility, destiny, education, potential and chivalry. I value faith, community, vocation, confidence, hard work, experience, purpose and independence. Twitter: @TAShanks


The Overloaded Millennial

Juggling multiple commitments can be difficult for anyone. Deciding what needs to be done can be even harder.


How to Live a Low Budget Life

Alright we get it, you’re broke. So now what? TNGG shows you ways to save and how to stretch that dollar.


The Reality of Sex Trafficking

Nearly twelve million people in the world are slaves to sex trafficking. But there are some motivated organizations and individuals who fight to truly make slavery a thing of the past.


Thoughts on Tiger Moms

Maybe there’s some truth to the controversial Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. As we look back at childhood, maybe our American parents just didn’t push us hard enough.