I'm a 21 year old senior finance major at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My passion is and always will be finance and investing. I bought my first stock at age 8, wrote a book - The Teenage Investor - which was published by McGraw-Hill when I was 13 years old and have interned at a New York City-based hedge fund for 5 years. Now, my goal is to help fellow members of Generation Y learn the importance of saving and investing as early as possible!


Five Ways to Save Money

The unemployment rate for people under 30 is holding strong near fifteen percent and income rates are low. Here are some tips to make your paycheck last.


Escaping the 1950s Work Mentality

How can employees remain productive while staying comfortable and feeling like they are part of a team? I propose the following solution: rotational work at home programs.

Delayed Gratification: A Good Lesson for Millennials

Much of our optimism regarding the future is borne out of the fact that we are extremely realistic and pragmatic, having come of age during a rampant technology boom and, subsequently, a major terrorist attack that contributed to a recession. … Continued


Power and Influence: Gen Y’s Moguls

Few celebrities are as equipped to promote themselves as Gen Y celebrities are. Indeed, three such Millennials are shaking up the entertainment and business landscapes by using whatever means necessary to grow their ventures.