In between surf sessions in frigid Rhode Island waters and moonlighting at the New School, I'm working as freelance writer and acting on my passion for provocative editorial work. Look for me in a dimly lit bar in Brooklyn or local music venue celebrating each and every small victory along the way. You can find me on twitter @timjamesryan.


A Recession, but Not in Creativity

Millennials have been endowed with something, I don’t know exactly what, that has us starting our own businesses and not acquiescing to the whims of our modern-day economy.


In Defense of Men…

In a complete role reversal, women have surpassed men in the workforce by holding more degrees, outperforming in school and making a profound (and quantifiable) impact on the companies that truly embrace gender equality. As we move towards a more gender-neutral future, change is imminent — but it shouldn’t exclude either sex.


Redefining Leadership

In a move that parallels the shift in the modern workplace away from a top-down approach towards a more collaborative setting, Lincoln-Sudbury High School has adopted a athletic program policy termed ”shared leadership.” In contrast to the traditional one-captain system, this new arrangement appoints a committee of student-athletes to lead and shoulder responsibility for the successes and failures of their teams as a group. Likewise, the office holds very few positions for individuals who don’t know what it means to contribute to a team right away.