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Full Frontal: Convince Him You’re Not Crazy

Oftentimes women come off as slightly insane without meaning to. Here are some tips for how to make sure you’re acting like a normal human being and avoid strait-jackets.


The Return of Gossip Girl: Who will Blair choose?

Gossip Girl returns tonight with the final episodes of this season and the headbanded one is confronted with making a decision: which good-looking brunette boy will she end up with?


Even in faux relationships, honesty counts

We’re ok with sharing our bodies, fornidating and feigning friendships, but we will never openly admit that maybe we want to hold hands and have inside jokes as well.


Saved by the Pill

A new study shows that taking the Morning After pill might be just as effective as anything else at preventing pregnancy.


Rabbit Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful gynecologists in the Victorian Era for finding the cure to female hysteria and bringing unto the world, the vibrator.