Veronica Baker is a senior marketing student at Emerson College with interests ranging from social media to hip-hop. She is originally from Los Angeles and plans on moving back after graduating this coming spring.


My Undying Devotion to Hello Kitty

Most of the things I liked throughout my childhood didn’t quite cross over into my adult life: light up sneakers, butterfly clips, Limited Too, and Power Rangers. However, a certain cartoon cat…or more specifically, kitty, with a big red bow … Continued


Minx Nails: Fingertip Fashion à la Beyoncé

I’m addicted to nail polish. I buy it often, I wear it always, and I prefer colors outside of classic pale pinks and fire engine reds. When I heard I could spice up my digits beyond glitter polish and crazy shades, I knew this was my next step in achieving fabulousness on my fingertips. My nails were about to get Minxed.


Breaking Up With My BlackBerry

In June of 2007, I fell in love. His name was the BlackBerry. He and I were together for a fantastic two years, but a few months ago, I found myself admiring another suitor…the ever-alluring iPhone. The BlackBerry and I … Continued