In my spare time (and sometimes not in my spare time), I shop for shoes. And yes, I'm that obnoxious girl zoom-zoom-zooming around town in my little Mazda3 with the windows rolled down and the music blaring . . . even though I can’t sing a note. Not even one. Currently, I'm a Junior Media Buyer with a B.A. in Media Studies from Penn State University.


Do You Really Need Web Access In Your Car? Ford Says Yes

Ford SYNC is a positive initiative: anything that keeps eyes focused on the road rather than on BlackBerries, iPods, and Garmins seems like a step in the right direction, and the concepts of voice-activated dialing, hands-free texting, and voice-triggered MP3 controls fall neatly into that category. However, the most recent development to the SYNC system has me wondering whether Ford is following their step forward with two giant leaps back.


Coming To America

When I stepped into my middle school on my first day as a student in America, I was terrified. My skin was a shade of beige lost between black and white, and though I’ve never had an Indian accent, I … Continued


Cooking By Nose

The weekend after I moved into my first apartment, I decided to roast a leg of lamb. I slathered the eight-pound hunk of meat with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and sea salt, then threw it in the oven around 4:00, … Continued


How To Sell Debt

In an age of instant gratification, overlooking the more subtle implications of credit cards in favor of more desirable ones is all too easy. Why worry about your 21% APR when you’re about to throw on a brand new pair … Continued