Acree Graham Since graduating from Emory in 2008, I’ve paid the bills with everything from lattes and babysitting to marketing and social media. I now work in Atlanta as a freelance copywriter. I like cities, literature, radio and design. I still make a damn fine cup of coffee and I’m a pretty good dancer. Twitter: @acreegraham

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Adam Hogue I discovered Neil Young and Green Day at the same time. My '96 Subaru Legacy died in Keene, New Hampshire. I wrote this magical realism piece last year that got published and now I am in South Korea listening to people in a different language.

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Aditya Anupkumar Like many in our generation, I've grown up not really belonging to any one place, ideology or belief. I've lived in China, India, Europe and the US; studied engineering and the hardware of the world, and culture and the software of the world. The interplay between those two, across political borders is what fascinates me. In my day job, I'm a strategist with an advertising agency.

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Adrienne Waldo I'm an online marketing specialist at Blue Fountain Media and an avid tech enthusiast. I've been an outspoken advocate of the Millennial generation ever since I saw the ominous 60-Minutes piece "The 'Millennials' Are Coming" back in 2007. I love reading, writing, working, and whatever will keep me awake to do those things (read: coffee, candy, loud music). Twitter: @adriennewaldo

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Aimee Louise Sison Born in LA, raised in the Philippines and suffering from a bad case of wanderlust, I consider myself a citizen of the world. A proud alumna of UC Berkeley, I live in San Francisco and work in the PR industry. You can find me dreaming, writing, eating or exploring a million of my other interests from social issues to ice cream flavors here: @Aimee587

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Alejandro Gomez I was born in the blond sunshine of southern California, and reared in the blond Scandinavian casserole of suburban Minnesota. My parents are neurologists, and so I love my brain for all of its wackiness and resent it for all of its neuroses. I feel exactly the same way about America, which is why I like to write about it. Twitter: @deaddad

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Alex Stoltze Attempting to create ideas as an advertising student at the University of Oregon in Track Town USA. I enjoy invading people's personal space by taking their portrait and posting it on my blog. I'm especially interested in design, ice cream, photography, blogging, twitter, weird Facebook statuses, sex, people who always have perfectly painted nails, people who wear mini skirts when it snows, jogging, tennis, sun, and words. Twitter: @aStoltze

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Alexandra Mitton My Ithaca roots taught me that "Media is Gorges" and communication is key. I've touched on everything from television and radio production to magazine and newspaper writing, with a little book publishing in between, and I've learned that a little goes a long way. I'm always looking for a new TV show, and sleeping in never hurt anyone.

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Alex Pearlman I love the John Adams miniseries, the Disney version of Peter Pan, and 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.' My heroes include Aaron Sorkin, Audrey Hepburn, Gloria Steinem, Woody Allen and Allen Ginsberg. I don't like the two-party system, I do like crossword puzzles. I like red wine, I don't like fascists. I like big ideas, I don't like apathy. I like Wikileaks, I don't like censorship. I believe journalism needs a full-blown revolution to survive. Also, I'm the Editor in Chief of The Next Great Generation. Twitter: @lexikon1

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Ali Robbins Hyatt I am a Boston-based strategist and innovator originally from the Metrowest 'burbs. I'm passionate about stellar brand and retail experiences and active in the Boston tech and innovation community. You can find me traveling for fun and searching for spectacular authentic eats or traveling for work and searching for worthwhile airport eats. Find me on Twitter @arrobbins.

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Alison Amorello [TNGG Boston] I am a recent Emmanuel College graduate who loves creative writing, cheeseburgers, travel, car radio sing-a-longs, and Armenian line dancing down the hallway when no one is watching. I'm not sure what I'm up to next year or next month, but I plan on having fun for the rest of my life. Twitter: @AlisonAmorello

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Allison Ubriaco I'm a Mizzou J-school alumna who is curious about everything. I currently work in marketing and public relations in the St. Louis area. If I have a free second I spend it reading, writing or running. You can find me @aubriaco.

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Allison Thibault I am a journalism and creative writing student at Suffolk University. Politics, poetry, photography, and fine art are my passions. You can find me scrolling through the top stories on CNN, dreaming of exploring the cities featured in the New York Times travel section, inventing elaborate stories about strangers who sit across from me on the T, and wandering aimlessly through the streets with my camera. Twitter: @allytgurl

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Amanda Cuoco As a 20-something finishing Emerson College with a bang, I spend most of my time studying Social Media and fiction writing. I have a passion for blogging, science fiction entertainment, and doing things most house mothers wouldn't approve of. I'm looking to share my voice and find a social media gig making people laugh. Twitter: @YouGoAmandaCoco

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Amber Garner I'm a recent Nebraska grad with a degree in advertising, a mild case of OCD, a huge interest in publishing and quite a bit of experience in editing. In my free time, I am part photographer, writer, graphic designer, nomad & foodie. I have an interest in just about everything and I know I'm going to be a lifelong learner. Twitter: @amberlgarner

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Angela Bray [TNGG Boston] Sleepless multimedia journalist/DJ/social mediac who loves EDM more than anything.

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Angela Diaco Media & Culture major at Bentley University. Interested in learning as much as possible about film production, writing, PR/Marcom, entrepreneurship, and social media.

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Angela Stefano It's "Ang," if you please -- or, alternately, Bill, Penny Lane or (begrudgingly) Angus to some. I've been with TNGG since the site started and am now the TNGG Boston editor for I graduated from Boston University's College of Communication in 2009 and am a huge fan of live music, hockey and Thai food. I'm also a bit of a klutz, but that's only because my mind and body are always going in approximately a zillion separate directions. Twitter: @amstefano988

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Anna Therese Day I'm a freelance journalist covering the Arab World in upheaval and conflict in Israel/Palestine.

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Anna Sandor I am a political science news junkie working the non-profit scene in DC. My Kindle is my fifth appendage. I am a Hungarian Ex-Pat that likes to feign being foreign. Twitter: @Iliketurorudi

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Anne Aretz A 20-something sociology-anthropology major, now working in Digital advertising. I'm a social media/technology nerd with a interest, almost near obsession with learning about my generation, don't want to be misunderstood!

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Anthony Clericuzio I am currently an education grad student at Boston College. I enjoy sports, writing (articles and poetry) and exploring Boston. I also love to cook and in another life I would have been a chef.

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Anthony Howard [TNGG Boston] I'm a 22-year-old Massachusetts native -- grew up in the 'burbs and now spend my young adult life in the city. I am passionate about cooking and currently assistant manage a restaurant kitchen in Kendall Square. Let's just say that when I invite friends over for dinner parties, no one ever turns me down.

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Antonio Celia I like having good debates that revolve around even better arguments. I'm good at being average, and standing out because of my love for normality, and everyday life. I dissect and deconstruct culture and music every which way I can, in order to better recommend things to people, and in order to build cultural bridges. Follow me @MrCelia

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Arafat Kazi I dropped out of college, almost died of typhoid, and now I'm back in school. I play drums and read detective novels. Twitter: @arafatkazi

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Arianna Netzky Originally from Las Vegas, I have made Madison, Wisconsin my home. I am a seven year undergraduate who has studied Russian history, American political science, cartography, and human geography, but I have finally settled on Interior Design. As a world explorer, I have learned the basics of living sustainably without sacrificing my own comfort. Twitter: @clearshmear

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Ashleigh Rainko I’m not a drama queen; life's more exciting with exaggeration. I’m not high maintenance; I just know what I want. Mobile apps, innovation, reinvention – and generally all technology – never cease to amaze me. I’m a PR pro, iPhone addict, UMich grad, Jackie O-aspiring metro-Detroit native, who has the gritty, true perspective on our millennial culture. And while you’ll likely find me wearing seersucker, you can feel free to take me seriously.

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Ashley Lee I'm a recent grad (Wellesley '11!) trying to break into the art world. When I'm not reading, writing, or tweeting about the contemporary art world, I like shoes, soccer, and Star Wars. Like Liz Lemon, I list things in threes.

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Ashwini Nadkarni I'm a doctor and entrepreneur. I work as a resident physician in psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and have recently founded a startup in the mobile space called The common thread between these two career paths is my passion for understanding what connects people to social media. Twitter: @appguppy

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Ayesha Zahid I've lived in Pakistan and I've lived in America. Seeing two extremes makes me so much more of a writer than I could ever be. And spreading that is the most important thing to me right now.

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Beth Ann Ingrassia I'm a 2007 Princeton art history grad just starting a career in advertising after gigs in law and education. I love New York City, but I'm stuck in the suburbs for now, where the people-watching just isn't as good. Expert in the quarterlife crisis; interested in just about everything. Twitter: @bethanningrassia

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Bethany O'Meara [TNGG Boston] I graduated from Northeastern not too long ago and decided to stick around Boston, but I'd like to continue traveling the world. In the meantime, I'll be checking out local bars, markets, and festivals. My expertise lies in Trader Joe's products and MBTA survival skills, among other things. Plaid catches my eye, French catches my ear, and videos of baby animals capture my heart. Twitter: @bethopolis

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Bianca Chan I live [work @ a social media mkt agency], breathe [need Facebook as much as I need air], eat [die hard Yelp snob and LBS check-in addict], and drink [absorb related information as much as h2o] social media. Yep, it's pretty serious, but I pride myself on it. Hence, my unofficial tag of being "Geeky Chic." My passions include music, art & snowboarding.

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Breanne Thomas I am a 21-year-old copywriter who is obsessed with Scandinavia, the lyrical geniuses of Jens Lekman and Lady Gaga, and Russian red lipstick by MAC. The majority of my days are spent wishing I were Christina Hendricks and making incredibly specific playlists. Also, you will never catch me in anything but a skirt or a dress, and if you do, well, don’t tell anyone.

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Brenda Maguire I'm a fourth year journalism major at Northeastern University minoring in Art + Design and Writing. I am currently working as the Web Editor and Social Media Director for the school's student run newspaper and work as an equipment manager for the Northeastern Men's hockey team. I am a sports enthusiast, admitted geek, poet and artist wannabe, and a third-degree black belt in Isshinryu. Twitter: @BrendaMarie215

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Brendan Armstrong I'm the quintessential funnyguy-slash-nerd-slash-gamer-slash-toolshed. I see the meaning of life as being not only to find your own happiness, but to lead as many others to their happiness as possible. For me, happiness is a warm controller, but there's no such thing as a boring topic when there's passion behind it. Twitter: @sharpevil

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Brian Vandeputte Blue-collared underdog.

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Brittany Lewis I'm a 2011 graduate of Boston College and the Columbia Publishing Course, and currently the Manager of Campus Development for I'm obsessed with independent book stores, traveling, and wine. When I'm not spending all of my money on these things, I spend my time running, reading, watching bad TV with my roommates, and exploring Boston. You can find me on twitter at @britmlewis.

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Brittney Wichtendahl I'm a recent University of Iowa graduate living in Chicago, working in advertising sales and corporate events. I love my basset hound puppy, Fergus Jackson, and all things German. Twitter: @brittneyw

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Caitlin Tremblay I work at Thomson Reuters in NYC and I'm a 2011 graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. I could live off of Ring Pops and cucumbers and I still pay for music. I think tattoos, Chuck Klosterman, Rolling Stone, red pens, day planners and Shakespeare are rad. You can find me on Twitter (@CTrembz).

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Cal Bingham [TNGG Boston] I'm a photographer, musician, and student living in Boston, MA. Find me on Twitter: @CalBingham.

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Camille Diola I graduated in 2009 from the best journalism program in the Philippines, and I now work for a university where I interact daily with Gen Y-ers and those who help them become wiser. In my spare time, I engage in non-profit work and advocate for responsible journalism and meaningful digital engagement. Twitter: @camillediola

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Casey Schoelen I am a recent college graduate trying to figure out my next step in life. Until then, I'm living life day by day. I'm enjoying spending time with my friends and family, doing some traveling and relaxing, and finally reading a book for fun for the first time in years. I am extremely outgoing and love meeting new people. Everyone has their own exciting story to share. I love traveling, sports, history, reading, Europe, cooking, and reality television. Some of my goals are to visit all seven continents, learn another language, and see the north pole. Every day is the chance for a new adventure.

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Cat Handrich I'm just your typical Jersey girl and recent graduate (Loyola Maryland '09!) making a living in the Big Apple, working as an Assistant Media Buyer. I have a love for writing, mochas, Chianti, really terrible horror movies, rock shows, NY Giants, and being an endearingly (I hope?) awkward person. I am known around my office as the girl who is always talking about food - clearly I have a food-love problem. Twitter: @CatherineSays_

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Celia Nissen Originally from Cow Hampshire, I'm now a city girl. I'm an Emerson marketing grad now working in the real world as a content strategist. I like to eat, buy things that are blue, ogle over dogs and children, be in the sun, drink wine and tweet (@celianissen).

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Charles Shoultz I am a creator by instinct, a scholar by instruction, and a philosopher by inclination. I owe a lot to Plato, much to Thomas Aquinas, some to Friedrich Nietzsche, and a bit to Hunter S. Thompson. I write in the moment, but for the ages.

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Charlie Tarabour I was born and raised in desolate Midwestern sprawl. I've read and like to read about the arts, history, and philosophy. I've finished my formal schooling, so during the day I work with my hands.

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Charlotte Glasser I am a private person with a demanding social life. I am interested in people, and people's lives. I hope to take something from everyone I meet and incorporate into myself, I love fresh perspective. Twitter: @GuppBoston

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Chelsea Feinstein [TNGG Boston] I am a junior at BU majoring in journalism and international relations, a proud Maryland native, and a lover of folk music and cat memes. I like words and the world.

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Chris Morgan Editor of Biopsy magazine and resident of New Jersey.

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Christi Kim [TNGG Boston] I'm a student and copy editor in Boston. I have an interest in pretty much everything. I like to spend my free time as part photographer, writer, graphic designer, foodie, artist, and musician. I enjoy reading in a quiet sunlit room and watching movies with friends.

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Christine Slocum I am an imperfect person (though I prefer "work in progress"). In 25 years I have managed to become a graduate student in sociology, a Unitarian Universalist, vegan, social activist and the wife of my best friend. Originally from Syracuse, NY, I now live in Seattle, WA with aforementioned best friend and two dog-like cats.

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Christine Peterson Community Manager for Springpad, a mobile & web app based in Boston. A few of my favorite things: polka dots, brie, white wine, puppies, and entrepreneurialism. Follow me on Twitter: @captain_pete

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Christine Varriale [TNGG Boston] I'm a music blogger with passions for photography and movies. You can usually find me at Paradise Rock Club or The Avenue. My goal in life is to become Lindsay Lohan's best friend. Twitter: @certaintragedy

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Chuck Daly I'm a Boston-bred college senior at Manhattan College in New York. Currently Editor-in-Chief of "The Quadrangle", Manhattan's student newspaper, I'm an old school journalist with new-school ideas. I've interned at "Inside Edition" (America's highest-rated syndicated newsmagazine) and intend on one day owning the world.

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Colby Gergen I despise writing about myself in the first person. That reaches off the keyboard to when I'm speaking, as a senior studying awesomeness at Mizzou, about myself. I just don't like talking about myself, whether I'm talking about my adoration of adventures or my belief in the Gospel of the Fresh Prince. Doesn't it seem like talking about yourself in the first person is just patting yourself on the back for kicking ass at life every single day? Yeah, I would never do a thing like that. Twitter: @colbywg

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Courtney Maestri I am currently a student at Wayne State University studying public relations. I am very ambitious and I try never to live the same day twice, so I’ll try anything once. I am a fan of Starbucks, reading, and yoga.

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Courtney Truong My name is Courtney and I love anagrams. I am a tall girl who enjoys movies about mobsters and monsters. Some people tell me I am a very laid back person; I tend to agree.

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Craig Brown I'm a recent graduate of the M.F.A Creative Writing program at the University of New Hampshire. My work has appeared in various New England based magazines including Dispatch Magazine, The Hippo Press and The York Independent. A Top 5 Life Moment was interviewing Henry Rollins and talking about record collecting. I'm also a co-creator/co-writer for the sketch comedy group Stress! Anxiety! & Uncertainty!

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Dame Cooke Dame Cooke is a Gen Y sexpert living and working in Boston. As TNGG's premier relationship guru, she's here to answer your questions about love, lust, a lack thereof, and everything in between. When she's not on duty, she enjoys watching Boston sports, drinking Boston beer, and, of course, meeting Boston boys! Need advice from Dame? Email

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Daniel Johnson I'm a motion graphics & animation professional in the Boston area. I also do work as a fine artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. Check out some of my motion graphics work via the link above and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Danielle Barzydlo Currently a graduate student, studying history, because I adore books, papers, and all-nighters. I’ve also studied philosophy and art, which makes me a lover of thinking, creating and the past. Self-proclaimed real-life introvert and internet extrovert suffering from a bad case of wanderlust. I have a soft spot for all things spoken in foreign languages, and for all things sweet. Let’s tweet! @dbarzydlo

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Danielle Messler I am a 20-something year old New England native that is curious of the world around me. I love to travel and have spent time living in Udaipur, India and London, England; and I plan to call many other places home.

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Dara Sussman [TNGG Boston] Dara Sussman is a recent graduate of Emerson College and an aspiring comedic writer, performer, mover, and shaker. Follow her on Twitter @daralaine.

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Darcy Hofmann I was born and raised in the Midwest and came to Boston for some higher education learning. I graduated from Emerson College in 2009. There I met my future husband. When I'm not busy planning our wedding, I work in the marketing department of a non-profit organization. I love cats, attempting to be a domestic, and good lighting.

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David Chen I'm an undergrad at UCLA, graduating in fall of 2011. I love competition (basketball, online games, etc.), all types of music, and as for the future, I'm still trying to find my way around. :]

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David Gray I'm an independent Millennial in a two party world. It is extremely difficult to find the independent Millennial's point of view in a world that is dominated by the press and opinion heads controlled mostly by Baby Boomers. I am working to change that by creating The Political Zealot, a site where independent Millennials talk politics. Follow me on Twitter: @politicalzealot and Like us on Facebook at:

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Denise Linn I am a recent college graduate, former national volunteer, and blogger with a passion for media policy and nonprofit work.

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Derek Anderson A New Englander born and raised, I'm a die-hard news junkie with his heart set on journalism as well as sizable obsession with music (of most kinds), Star Wars, coffee, the Bruins & Patriots, and animals (of all kinds). I tend to stay up way too late, enjoy getting sucked into a great book, and of course, I love to writewritewrite. Greek mythology, Batman, Tina Fey, and golden retrievers (or really any fluffy animal) are some of the numerous keys to my heart. Get yo tweet on with me: @DerekJAnderson

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Derek Buhr A scientific mind forged in the fire of UW-Madison's Genetic program. Appreciative of all things artistic, intellectual, efficient and business oriented. Follow at @DerekBuhr

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Derek Gildea I am a graduate student majoring in Middle East studies and conflict resolution at the George Washington University. In my downtime between solving international crises, I "maintain" a webcomic, watch classic movies, and use my voice and guitar to make looped music.

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Diana Bierman I adore cupcakes, classic Disney movies, grammar, a good German Riesling, coffee mugs, coffee in general, the smell of just-blown-out-candles, and anything autumn related. I dislike drama, long bathroom lines, being cold, ketchup, and anything neon. I'm an avid Food Network watcher, I miss the simplicity of old cereal commercials, and I wish Corey and Topanga were a real couple.

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Donovan Ramsey I am a dedcated writer and activist with interests in identity psychology and race U.S. relations. I am currently working as a freelance journalist in the Atlanta area. It is my hope to one day revolutionize journalism with the infusion of academic rigor and analysis. Twitter: @iDXR

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Dulce Arroyo Some days I'm a total social butterfly who loves nights out, and other days I'm a homebody enraptured in a good book or movie. Nothing, however, gives me more pleasure than fighting for human rights through writing and activism. For me, being at a concert, play, symphony, opera, or any other type of live performance is like being home away from home.

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Dylan Klymenko Hi, I'm Dylan. I was named after a famous poet and Welsh Sea God. I am neither famous nor Welsh. I have a passion for creativity, writing, and storytelling--all of which have been honed for the ad profession known as copywriting. If I were a man of few words, I wouldn't be here.

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Ed Revis I'm all about engaging brands and culture to understand people - more simply.

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Edward Boches I'm the founder of TNGG. I blog, teach, speak, crowdsource, create communities and try to stay current. One of the original four partners at Mullen, I'm still there every day as chief creative officer and champion of change. Admittedly, I'm over 25, but they're letting me be part of the project. Twitter: @edwardboches

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Eleanor Dowling I’m a cool-hunter to the core who loves technology and gets high off the electrifying collision of social engagement + mainstream media. Right now technology is moving way faster than business models or consumers, and I'm fascinated with the on-going integration of social media into our everyday lives. I love video production, Bill Lawrence, and wine. Twitter: @eleanordowling

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Elisabeth Rosario I'm an aspiring Public Relations professional with a food obsession, a penchant for event planning, and a Blackberry addiction. I also write about NY Nightlife Events for and I'm a recent graduate of Baruch College.

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Elizabeth Cormack I am a creative problem solver, a communicator and a story teller. I want to tell stories through design, but am exploring my love for social media, marketing, and writing in the process. Born in Seoul, South Korea, I was raised in Asia, then Europe, then the DC suburbs, and now call Boston home. I'm an adrenaline junkie, an art lover, and have never (ever!) met a food I didn't love. Follow me @elizacormack - I've love to hear from you!

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Elizabeth Bailey I'm just your typical southerner studying in (and constantly starstruck by) the North! As a third year at Northeastern University, I spend my time working to better the community with my sorority and getting to know the Boston startup scene. I can't get enough of innovation, and I have the worst sense of direction you will ever encounter. Follow me on Twitter @EABailes.

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Emil Ovbiagele I am currently a first year Law school student at Marquette University Law School. I'm passionate about the things that make us human-- our flaws, hopes, and the social tools that shape our thoughts and perceptions. In my down time, I scribble some poetry every now and then while watching the English Premier League.

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Emily Giegerich I've always been interested in why people do what they do, which has led me to develop a love for all things related to marketing and advertising. After my impending departure from my home away from home (Elon University) in May 2012, I hope to be able to pursue my passion for communications professionally. No matter what, I'll always be a strong believer in the power of music, karma, humor and dark chocolate. Twitter: @giegs1

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Emily Papp A recent graduate of the University of Oregon's advertising program, I'm a Seattle native navigating the world of digital strategy, design thinking and brand karma. Life recently lead me to California, where I work as a designer and visual strategist for Cyclonix, a brand engagement agency. Connect with me at @emilyjpapp.

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Eric Leist As an Emerging Technology Strategist at Allen & Gerritsen, Eric demystifies technology for Allen & Gerritsen's employees, clients and local community. His client roster includes Comcast, The Boston Globe, Hannaford Supermarkets, WBUR, Ninety Nine Restaurants, and Papa Gino's. He is also the host of the AboutFoursquare podcast and a weekly web show about social media and technology called TechInterruption.

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Erica Moss Erica Moss is the social media outreach coordinator for the online Masters in Nursing program at Georgetown University. She is passionate about photography, community building, and University of Michigan football.

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Erica Dermer I'm a qualitative market research nerd from Arizona, formerly a boutique agency planner, working with numerous different industries. I'm constantly looking for LOLZ through qualitative research, advertising, insights, and blogging. I'm addicted to social networking. Let's be friends.

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Erin McHugh Erin attended grad school at Boulder Digital Works as part of the inaugural class and currently works as a copywriter. She is interested in transmedia storytelling, all things interactive, the absurd, and the future. Twitter: @rosErin

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Ethan Long I like to play Hyper Olympic and Double Dribble for the NES while listening to The Beatles and eating falafel. I'm a communications major at Suffolk University, where I also act as the Arts and Entertainment Editor.

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Eugene Kim Digital/Social guy at Arnold Worldwide. I'm also a published physiologist, rower, emerging media junkie and a mean koreoke-ist. Love advertising, food and great content. I'm awful with names, but great with Twitter handles. So hit me up @admanekim.

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Evan Crean During the day, I'm that guy you're on the phone with for computer help, but by night I'm an entertainment journalist. My work is fueled by a rabid obsession with film trivia and popular culture of the 1970s and 1980s. Even if you don't agree with me on one of my articles, I'd love to hear your side of things, since I never turn down a spirited debate. Twitter: @reelrecon

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EvanPowers I'm Evan. A UMass-Amherst graduate in Journalism, I have a passion for writing and communicating, brainstorming ideas and strategies with consumers and the media, and just about anything social media-related. I still enjoy getting my news from a newspaper, but my favorite section is still the comics. And that's the best way to sum up my personality.

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Evan Roberts I am a public relations student, soon to be professional. I have an off-color sense of humor [but no, it's not because I'm black. ;)] I'm into politics, fashion, food, music, soccer and technology amongst other things. I am a middle child. All opinions expressed are solely those of Evan Roberts and not that of his employers, family, friends or MacBook. There, I said it. Tweet me: @erob1

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Eve Johnson My name is Eve and I am a lover of writing, reading, philosophy, music, and all other forms of artistic and intellectual expression. I spend my days either at school, at my Queens Public Television internship, or simply on the computer web surfing or carrying out my inspiration to write a short story or poem. For fun aside from writing and reading, I practically live at Barnes and Noble and I love to watch horror films.

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Ffion Bell I'm 21 years old and studying for a Masters degree in Information Science - so I like archives, libraries, collective intelligence, social media and other fun stuff like that. I'm Welsh (so that double F does make sense) and am now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I can usually be found in class, in the library or on my bicycle somewhere between those two points. Twitter: @amsercinio

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Forrest I make internets and capture images.

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Gautam Ramdurai I spend my time understanding people, following culture and just figuring things out to solve problems. I truly, madly, deeply love the Internet. I will always think that I am not spending enough time reading comic books. Twitter: @GautamRamdurai

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Hank Brand Raised in Madison, Wisconsin and Japan my interests are ever expanding, but a common theme throughout much of my work is to provide a meaningful service to a large number of people. I am currently working through Teach For America in the Mississippi Delta as a high school art teacher. I have also worked in recent years in Guatemala as one of their premier hip-hop DJ’s and public health workers.

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Hannah DeMilta I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio but recently moved to beautiful Sydney, Australia. I'm a Social Media Specialist at digital agency, Switched On Media here in Sydney. I'm a graduate of Otterbein College where I studied Public Relations with a Deaf Culture/Language minor. I'm passionate about community service, tennis, travel and helping people. Feel free to send me a tweet and say "hi" - I love meeting new people: @HannahDeMilta

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Hannah Remund I'm a Southern girl who just graduated from Boston University's College of Communication with a major in advertising and a minor in English. I love beautiful colors, characters and creations and I'm currently trying to find my place in this crazy world we call advertising. You can find me in my kitchen cooking pastries, at my computer creating layouts or @hannahREMUND.

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Harrison Kratz Harrison Kratz is the Community Manager for MBA@UNC, a top online MBA program from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He sticks to his entrepreneurial roots as the founder of the global social good campaign, Tweet Drive. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, @KratzPR!

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Hiroki Murakami I'm the Community Manager of The Next Great Generation and Mullen's busiest intern. Emerson College marketing and entrepreneurship student graduating this May. I'm a Seattle native studying in Boston, working with startups, and your local coffee shop's #1 customer. Drop me a line at @hnmurakami.

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Ipalibo *Marvel* Da-Wariboko I am Ipalibo, also known as Marvel among certain friends. Ultimately, I live my the principle that 'life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely.' Therefore, I do my best to live a great life worth writing about when I am 90 and can still type. @callmemarvel

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Jack Whittington I am a third year law school student at the University of Tulsa College of Law. My interests include social media, law, sports, pop culture, politics, and current events. I believe Gen Y'ers better than any generation before us is equipped to tackle the tough challenges facing us in today's world. Twitter: @j2_whittington

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Jaime Lin Weinstein After graduating from Emory University in May of 2008 with a degree in Philosophy and French, I now define myself as a writer, digital media marketer, and a student of life (in no particular order). I enjoy eating, drinking, sleeping, singing and dancing (again, in no particular order). And I am a firm believer in “sticking it to the man.”

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Jake Horowitz Jake is a co-founder of PolicyMic. He graduated from Stanford University, where he studied Middle East history and politics. His political experiences include living and working on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict, researching democracy and governance issues in Morocco, working for the Carnegie Endowment in Lebanon, and doing community organizing in New York City. When he's not reading the news, you can find him outdoors, cycling, running, hiking, or traveling to far away places.

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James Haight I am a student at Bentley University in Massachusetts and working towards a degree in Economics. I have always had a passion for writing and experiencing everything that I can. I look forward to seeing where the future will take me.

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James Napolitano I love building things, writing with excessive hyphens, new technology, and the Oxford comma.

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Jamie Caccavaro I'm the typical twenty something living the dream: a post grad without a full time job working retail to pay the bills. I'm a popular culture fiend, who finds out more from twitter than from the news. In my free time, I bake and decorate cakes for my friends and family, priceless I know. Follow me on twitter! (@OhHeyJamie).

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Jana Pollack I'm a freelance writer who's also had a variety of real jobs since graduating from the University of Vermont in 2008. I live in Boston and spend my time hanging out in bookstores/my bed, seeing theater/movies/comedy shows, watching Parks and Recreation, and recounting past embarrassments. Check out my sob stories here:

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Janssen McCormick [TNGG Boston] I'm a public school teacher and music critic. I also teach adult ESL classes through a volunteer organization in Boston's Chinatown. So right off the bat you can guess my progressive bent in areas of education and immigration policy. Beyond the political, I've been attending DIY shows since I was 14 or so, getting heavily involved in Boston's metal scene. I've also been a subject of a 'Village Voice' cover story, which was sort of fun in a "through the looking glass" sort of way.

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Jason Evanish Jason Evanish is the Product Manager at KISSmetrics (where he used this method to land the job) and is also the co-founder of Greenhorn Connect, a site aggregating Boston startup resources, events and jobs. You can find him on Twitter @Evanish

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Jason Potteiger I’m a Suffolk U. grad with degrees in Political Science and Advertising. I like reading both John and Douglas Adams and spending time in the mountains of New Hampshire (where I grew up). These days I call Boston home, but I have aspirations of one day working in Washington, D.C. and New Delhi, India. Subscribe to Jason's Posts via RSS 

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Jeff Fish [TNGG Boston] I'm a senior at Suffolk University, majoring in Journalism and Political Science. I'm the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper, The Suffolk Journal, and I did a six-month co-op at the Boston Globe. I love politics, reading, movies, TV, and anything pop culture.

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Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul I'm a remix culture enthusiast with a passion for the news and hip-hop. Born in 1989, I've visited every state except Hawaii and spent the last four years studying in Canada. Following a stint washing dishes as an illegal worker in a Montreal restaurant, I'm now trying to figure out how to become a YouTube star at my home in Chicago.

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Jennifer Orr I'm a print journalism major finishing up at Suffolk University in Boston. I'm the special projects editor here at TNGG and opinion editor of the Suffolk Journal. I try to model my writing after the New Journalism style because I think it is the most captivating way to deliver and receive news in print. Gay Talese is my hero. Future goals: work for a great publication and make some documentaries. Twitter: @Jennorr27

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Jen Kalaidis After finishing my History degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I booked it to the Mecca of Nerdom, Washington, DC, where I work in political communication. I enjoy biking, philosophizing over a Wisconsin brew, and many other Americana pastimes.

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Jen Schmidt I currently live in Washington D.C., though i still call New England home. I have a master's degree in public health and policy and a background in political science and communications. I work for social justice in health care, and am eager to engage social media, public movements, and sound policy to create and sustain lasting change. Twitter: @Jschmidt19

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Jeremiah Wood I am currently a graduate student at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA studying American literature. I am an art enthusiast, avid reader and pop culture junkie. Follow me on Twitter @jeremiahgwood.

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Jessi Stafford Graduate of Mizzou. Starving freelance writer and hipster-watcher who just moved to the Dirty South. I will work for coffee, booze or tofu scramble. I write the weekly column The Feed Bag for TNGG. Twitter: @jessistafford

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Jessica Downs A graduate of Appalachian State University with what some may consider an obsession with pop-culture. I love travel, writing, and all things social media. Twitter: @jessicadowns

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Jessica Malnik Well for starters, I’m an energetic, slightly caffeinated, new media crazed, Gen Y professional. I'm an interactive marketing coordinator/community manager by day and blogger, videographer and web designer by night. I live, breathe and sleep social media. Twitter: @jessicamalnik

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Jessica Weil Social Media Analyst at advertising agency in Cambridge, MA. Loves: sharks, philosophy, horror movies. Fascinated by the quirky stuff that makes life so interesting.

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Joe Gigante I'm a New York City transplant from Jersey. I'm also a communications major at NYU and I'm obsessed with consuming all forms of media whether it be film, television, or writing. Twitter: @joeygigante

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Joseph Stucker I graduated from Boston University, majoring in Communications Studies and minoring in Sociology. I've worked in a library for six years, a museum for two summers, and interned at a digital content workshop. I spend all my time satisfying my Internet addiction and learning new things about anything and everything. Twitter: @jwstucker

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Joseph Gentile Expecting the unexpected, ever since my five o’clock shadow started popping up at four, has led me to a richer life managing other people’s money. Three years after completing a communications degree, and a single Statistics class, I defied the odds, and became a financial aid adviser who does math. I might still be at college, but my job has motivated to learn, and report, about developments in higher education from a Millennial’s perspective.

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Joshua Newnes I'm a copywriter from Mumbai, India. When I'm not writing advertisements, I'm scribbling down for my blog, a play or perhaps prospective short film or graphic novel (I'm a graphic novel freak!). Any form of art works for me. There's just something amazing about it. I can't live without movies and music. The latter is a part of me. The rest of the time, I'm just a regular fun-loving guy, looking to make sense of rather interesting world.

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Julia Dawidowicz [TNGG Boston] I'm a recent Suffolk University graduate facing the bittersweet, often hilarious consequences of following my heart and majoring in Creative Writing. While a great deal of my time is spent fantasizing, reading, or writing about living in another place, time, or dimension, I do find certain pleasures in today's world, such as discount airline companies and chai lattes. I also enjoy eavesdropping on strangers and competitive pizza-making.

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Juliette Richey I am a Documentary filmmaker with a focus on the human condition. I work as a Production Coordinator at a social media marketing agency during the day to pay the bills. I love my two cats, chocolate, and I hunger for books. Twitter: @julietterichey

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Justin DiConzo I recently graduated the University of Hartford with a B.A in Rhetoric and Professional Writing, hoping to take that degree and apply it to a job associated with one of my passions: video games, sports, etc. I live by the philosophy that life is just a large game and you can play it a number of different ways, whether you choose to win by any cost or are just in it to laugh and enjoy the company of other players. For the most part, I play for the enjoyment, but who doesn't like to win every now and again?

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Justin Hoffman I'm a student and writer in Columbus, Ohio. I've worked for a variety of jobs in promotions, marketing, and writing. I'm here to share, learn, and maybe score a few laughs along the way. Twitter: @JustinRHoffman

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KacyEmmett [TNGG Boston] Kacy Emmett is a senior at Boston University, former 'Daily Free Press' columnist, and contributor to the book review site, Tottenville Review. Any and all graduation remarks will be met with fierce denial. Kacy lives in Allston, the culturally richest suburb of America.

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Kaily Nash Kaily is president of K Group, a Boston-based event branding company. You can reach her at

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Kaitlin Maud Gen Y optimist living in Boston and working in Digital Marketing & Strategy. Find more of my musings over at and on Twitter @kaitlinmaud.

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Kaitlin Ugolik Kaitlin Ugolik, 22, grew up in North Carolina and studied journalism and international studies at Elon University. She's currently working on her M.S. at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She hopes to find a job that allows her to report across multimedia platforms. She’s an avid reader of non-fiction literature and graphic novels. Twitter: @kaitlinugolik

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Karen Chretien Since being able to make yourself burp isn't socially acceptable as a talent at age 22, I learned the Donald Duck voice. I'm a sucker for anything Boston, and I find hipsters to be fascinating. Every birthday, I wish that Sam Adams Noble Pils wasn't just a seasonal brew.

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Kate Greenough I graduated as a Psych/English major from a tiny liberal arts school with 1700 students, and now I'm in a tech corporation thirty times its size. In a graduate rotational program with five stints within the corporation, I'm learning--quickly-- about corporate politics, managerial styles, and how to earn (and network) my way to the next rung of the corporate ladder. A Bostonite from birth, I'm living in a sweet apartment in Brookline, MA, where I frequently overdose on Thai takeout and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Kate Ross I'm a 2008 Grad of the University of Illinois, where I majored in English. Now, unlike most of my Millennial peers, I am married and mommy to the freaking cutest kid you've *ever* seen. I am not technically employed (unless you count cleaning my mom's house for $90 a month), but I'm very connected with (i.e. read a ton of blogs & articles) and interested in the consuming, voting and lifestyle trends of my generation, especially as more of us become spouses/partners and parents.

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Katherine Rausch I am a journalist who loves learning something new every time I write a story. Women's issues and being critical of the media is important to me as a writer. I am 24 with a degree in journalism and excited to get voice out there.

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Katherine Sims I'm a writer living in Boston. I like texture and grey skies, bold colors and uncomplicated flavors. I admire honesty, delight in cohesive ambiance, and daydream about tomorrow. Twitter: @lady_katherine

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Katie Lannan Currently a Brookline resident and BU senior, I grew up in New Hampshire, meaning I get confused when charged sales tax and can discuss at length the differences between multiple varieties of apples. At any given moment, I likely have my iPhone in my hand and at least one newspaper in my purse. I'm a political junkie, as well as an iced coffee addict. My interests include journalism, canvas sneakers, and pretending I'm in Ireland.

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Katie Morse Katie is a Millennial marketer with a strong B2B background. Her experience includes social media, public relations, marketing communications and brand management for start-ups and large enterprises across the US and UK. In addition to working at Ripple6 as a Marketing Manager, she uses her talents to help musicians and labels develop their marketing, branding and promotions strategies, including heading up all marketing and promotions for Pressing Issues - the world's first democratic record label. She may or may not happen to be a coffee snob. Twitter: @misskatiemo

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Kayla Brown Kayla Brown is the author of the “Boston Babe Sports Bible” series and TNGG's weekly fashion column, "Haute and Dangerous" (inspired by a Ke$ha song). She hopes to one day channel her debilitating caffeine addiction into the noble art of copywriting. Her interests include watching YouTube videos of cute animals doing funny things. If you think you can handle it, follow her on Twitter: @kjbrown22.

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Kaylee Kutnick Kaylee Kutnick graduated from UC Riverside in only three years, magna cum laude with a BA in creative writing. She now lives in Los Angeles and is trying to break into the entertainment industry. She enjoys writing for her own blog about the perils of her dating life and also enjoys writing paranormal screen plays, in hopes that she finish and sell day. She also enjoys painting, performing and saving the world, one strong opinion at a time.

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Kellie Ryan I am a Multimedia Producer with a serious passion for shooting, editing, and telling stories. I take every opportunity possible to travel and am always up for a new adventure.

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Kelly Anne Meyers I'm a 22-year-old aspiring strategist from the Pacific Northwest, graduating from the University of Oregon in June. Passionate about innovation, sustainability, kitten videos, comics, sharpie pens, and the outdoors. Curious about human behavior and anthropology. Secretly a research nerd. Follow me @KellyAnneMeyers

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Kenny Soto [TNGG Boston] I'm a professional blogger and entertainer. In my spare time, I enjoy Boston sports and exploring all of the adventures that my hometown has to offer. You can connect with me on Twitter @RealKennySoto.

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Kerry Ricciato I'm a recent graduate of Boston College and now work in the broadcast department of an advertising agency outside Boston. I write for the lifestyle section of TNGG and enjoy theater, fashion, dance, and traveling. You can usually find me getting sucked into the YouTube "related videos" vortex. Twitter: @KRicci89

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Ketan Deshpande I am a marketing & PR professional working in Boston. I recently graduated from Emerson College with a Masters degree in Marketing Communications. I love technology and the Internet. If I'm not at work or home I could be found at a food truck or a restaurant eating, I'm a big foodie (vegetarian though!). I am really fond of people and talking to them. I love watching movies, listening music, hanging out with friends, traveling. Connect with me on Twitter (@keeda).

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Kevin Wang Kevin is a BU ad student, DJ, and a retired competitive eater, among other things. Please visit his website here or follow him on Twitter at @Mister_Wang.

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Kevin Clang [TNGG Boston] I've spent the past three years honing my journalistic skills, telling people's stories across various forms of media, helping launch an online television network, learning all aspects of social and new media, editing a Student Emmy Award-winning sports show, planning and running concerts for nationally recognized artists, and recruiting volunteers for a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. I'm focused on bringing traditional media into the future. Twitter: @kevclang

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Kim Angelovich I recently finished up my graduate degree in Marketing Analytics from Bentley University. My goal is work in advertising and eventually work on brand strategy. In my spare time I love playing sports, reading, and watching comedies.

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Kimberley Mosher I am a young professional living and working in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Current my professional life keeps me busy in an advertising account management role, but I also have experience in consulting and small business management. I am a graduate of the Queen's School of Business, in Kingston, Ontario. Outside of the office, I cook, read, and gets outside as often as possible. And, I firmly believes that the only way to travel is along the road less traveled. Twitter: @kmosher

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Kimberly Karter I am a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to cook and eat. In 2010, I combined my passion for culinary arts with writing and founded 'The Moonlight Baker' food blog. Ever since, I’ve been baking up a storm, photographing countless cakes and cookies, and indulging in way too many sweets. Let’s tweet -- @bakebymoonlight!

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Kirby Archer I'm a California native studying Writing, Literature and Publishing and Communication Studies at Emerson College. I love people and sunny days and I shouldn't listen to 80s music as much as I do. I think I think this generation can do anything and I'm glad to be a part of it.

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Kit Pierce Kit Pierce loves to read classic literature and blogs about human rights. In her spare time, she writes for She's interested in steampunk, likes watching funny cat videos, and enjoys discussions about philosophy.

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Kojo Amoako I'm a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a degree in Sociology. I am currently the marketing manager at C.O.N. Collective.

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Kristen Green I'm a card-carrying Millennial with a passion for blurring the old-school lines between digital and everyday life as we've known it thus far. I love pounding the pavement during my runs and clocking miles in the air while trotting the globe. I'm a proud University of Georgia bulldog with strong opinions, lots of passion and a penchant for iced venti skinny vanilla lattes.

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Kristen McManus [TNGG Boston] A few things about me: I work out so I can eat, I love coffee and magazines, and I am currently a copywriter. After college, a semester abroad, and grad school, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should definitely live in Paris. Fitness, yoga, and general wellness are important to me. And I believe that if you find work that involves your passion, you’ll never have to work again. Twitter: @mcmanuskristen

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Kristen Bahler [TNGG Boston] Fresh out of graduate school, my allegiances are in fearless reporting and impeccable enterprise journalism. That said, follow me on Twitter @bostonpipeline!

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Kristen Fritz I just graduated from Emerson College after four years of studying marketing, advertising, and journalism. I'm crazy about branding, social media, neuromarketing, traveling, and Seinfeld.

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Kristin Mattera I tell stories for a living - starting as a graphic designer, and then in marketing as a content creator. I like to dig into information to find the truth. Raised in Connecticut, I have spent the better part of a decade in the Boston, having attended college and grad school here, and I have no reason to leave this amazing city.

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Krystal Danielle Luna My name is Krystal Danielle Luna and I'm a Telecommunication Media Studies major from Weslaco, Texas but, more importantly, I'm the loudest and proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2014! I am a bassist, dog lover, tennis player, World of Warcraft fanatic, debater, optimist, and dreamer. Twitter: @xBirdee

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Kyle Psaty [TNGG Boston] I'm obsessed with what's next, especially when it involves truly helping people live better, more fulfilling lives. I believe this is where creativity and creation become innovation. The founding editor of the online publication BostInnovation and a former staff writer for the New England Patriots, I'm lucky to now spend my days building a brighter future for consumer banking at PerkStreet Financial, where I also manage a daily blog. Follow me on Twitter @KylePs80.

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Lacey Nemergut [TNGG Boston] With a passion for liberal arts and an addiction to excessive writing, I somehow ended up at a business school. I currently attend Bentley, where I plan to major in economics and finance. In an attempt to hang on to my true devotion, I write for the news section of the Vanguard. For me, the greatest thrill of the job is conducting interviews and listening intently as people reveal their stories.

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Laura Imkamp Laura Imkamp is a freelance journalist and photographer in Shanghai.

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Laura Jackson My name is Laura. I am working full-time in the marketing field and attending graduate school on a part-time basis. I am an aspiring writer & world traveler and womens's advocate. I believe TNGG will assist the youth of the world to not only be heard, but to succeed in their goals and life aspirations. Twitter: @lauraelizabethj

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Laura Rosales Born and raised in Guatemala, I now live in Pamplona (home to the San Fermines, one of the most amazing parties/bull-runs in Spain). I'm an Economics major and have developed a passion for advertising, fueled by my creative, out-spoken, outside-the-box-thinking roommates. On my free time I read a lot (usually includes something about advertising which could be called my unofficial minor), play Camila (that's my guitar), or just go outside with friends and take in some sunlight.

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Lauren Carey I appreciate all the little things in life. I got an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. I work in Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, to be precise), and I teach an English course at Luzerne County Community College. In my spare time I enjoy painting, singing karaoke, crocheting, and watching good movies. I navigated a quarter-life crisis and managed to land on my feet. I couldn't live without Dunkin Donuts, and I have naturally curly hair.

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Lauren Gotimer Whiskey-drinking, beer-loving, Irish-Catholic. A coffee addict addicted to her iPhone. Loves spending days enjoying fine arts and the outdoors before being pampered or watching whatever game happens to be on. 2008 Bentley graduate, livin' in good ol' CT whilst pounding the Manhattan pavement. Find me on Twitter: LaMarGoti.

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Lauren Novo I'm a senior at Florida State University with a double major in Media/Communication Studies and Creative Writing. Additionally, I serve as the staff writer for Trusteria Services, a regional company in Tallahassee, and as a public relations staff assistant for RB Oppenheim Associates, a local PR agency. Twitter: @lmnovo My passions include public relations, social media, blogging and networking and I can't wait to jump into the PR industry full time when I graduate this May!

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Lauren Stewart I'm a recent college graduate, doing all I can to keep writing and keep growing as a person. I work as a freelance writer and I absolutely love writing about health, fitness, love, relationships, and how technology affects our generation. Twitter: @lrstewar

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Lawson Hembree As a recent graduate of John Brown University with a marketing degree, I now have my own company (Agricultural Food Systems) with three friends and run the College Ministry at a local church. I'm passionate about theology, ideas, social media, and the outdoors. Excited by the potential we have as Millennials to impact the world! Twitter: @LawsonHembree

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Lea Richards I left the crazy finance world and started a BBQ company. That more than anything should give you an idea of who I am. Oh, and I have a soft spot for puppies. Twitter: @iheartbbq

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Leah Garvin Through trial and error I have become a multimedia producer. Most of my work has been for nonprofits. Now, I film and edit videos for Mullen. I also sail, on a boat. Twitter: @leahgarvin twitter: @leahgarvin

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Leah Kennedy I write everyday of my life. I am obsessed with social media, Pinterest, sports, advertising, coffee, and my Ducks. At some point I will live in New York City, go for runs through Central Park, and turn my bright blue eyes up to the city lights.

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Leo Watson I'm an optimistic, aspiring strategist at the University of Oregon. My passions are advertising, technology and baking. I was born in England and raised in Hong Kong. Twitter: @itsLeoWatson

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Lexis Galloway Recent Suffolk University graduate and current Cambridge resident, I'm an aspiring journalist/novel writer and I can't live without coffee and my macbook. Oh, and I'm also TNGG's Current Events Editor and writer for TNGG Boston. @lexgalloway

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Lina Roque [TNGG Boston] Hippie chic-meets-corporate girl. 11’ Marketing graduate of Bentley University. Tech junkie. Social media obsessed. I tend to bite off more than I can chew.

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Lindsay Hunt I'm a boomerang kid exploring alternate career paths in an attempt to escape the confines of cubicle life. I'm analytical, creative, stubborn, persistent, friendly and adventurous. I love my road bike, coffee, red wine, the Denver Broncos, chocolate, skiing, the Rocky Mountains, gum and my iPod. Twitter: @theboomerangkid

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Lindsay King After graduating from BU in 2010 with a degree in advertising, I dove deep into the mire of food servitude, chatting up tourists and defining mignonette and chiffonade, all the while plotting my escape into copywriting. While doing so, I spent--and still spend--my time traveling, writing, baking, and kickboxing. I have been to over 20 countries, know more about TV and media than my mother thinks is healthy, and have a profound fondness for parallel syntax and parenthetical asides. I also write the weekly Down the Tubes TV column for TNGG. Twitter: @lapetiteking

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Lindsey Jones Full time media producer in publishing & food blogger at interested in the intersections of food, politics, digital culture, and the do it yourself movement. In my free time I'm an expert Boston thrift shopper and pro at navigating the city via bus to the surprise of all my car driving friends.

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Lisa Bonofiglio I've just made the exciting move from my home base in Massachusetts to sunny California where I plan to build the rest of my life. I graduated Emerson in Boston this Spring and worked my butt off waiting tables all summer. Now, I am eating cheap food, sleeping lightly and spending a little too much time on Netflix. But I figure, since I'm studying screenwriting, I can call it research.

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Lisa DeCanio I’m the living, breathing cliché of our generation: As long as I can remember, I’ve held a rectangular-shaped piece of technology in my hand, from my first GameBoy to my treasured iPhone. I’m environmentally conscious, skeptical about politics, and I tend to think it's all about me. But follow me on Twitter and find out how Gen Y and I are breaking stereotypes.

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Lisa Hagen I'm a Boston University sophomore and Jersey girl majoring in journalism and minoring in art history. I currently intern at the 'Dorchester Reporter' and have written for several other publications during the past few years. I'm interested in politics, art, and traveling, and I'll be studying in Washington, D.C., during the upcoming fall semester.

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Lisa Keller In chronological order >> Manila: where I first encountered death. Frankfurt: where I learned to say good morning to the pine trees. Paris: where I won 100 francs for eating lots of soup, and fell asleep on the metro. Madrid: where I was told to be wary of gypsies. Florence: where I discovered what a sandwich could be. Los Angeles: where I found new life. Vienna: where I was educated about coffee and architecture. Boston: where my roots are snug in the rocky soil. Twitter: @itslisakeller

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Liza Moffet I hail from Los Angeles, went to college in Atlanta, and now live in New York City. I just received my masters from NYU with a focus in human rights education and trauma studies literature. I am currently residing in the world of non-profit and awesomeness.

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Louise Lloyd Owen I am a proud graduate of Lake Forest College. I recently moved back to Boston to work @mullenunbound as an AAE in their Public Relations/Social Influence department. I'm trying to figure out my place in the real world, armed with my iPhone and latte in hand.

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Marcus Johnson-Smith I split my time between running a marketing business, a clothing line, traveling and enjoying visual art. In 2008, I authored a memoir titled, Coming Into Adulthood in Today's America. My next book, Visionary to Actionary: A 7 Step Guide to Transforming Your Vision into Reality, is scheduled for release Spring 2012. Follow me on Twitter: @mjohnsonsmith

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Marissa Green I'm a May 2010 graduate from Emerson College with a love for learning and an adoration for classic films, most types of music, Broadway shows, and food (lots of it!). I will always be a NYC'er at heart but do have a deep infatuation with Boston and the New England region. I graduated with a degree in Marketing Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies and currently I am an account coordinator at a boutique PR agency.

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Marissa Lowman Marissa is the founder of EdTechup, an organization that brings together education technology entrepreneurs and educators. She currently works at AisleBuyer, a mobile commerce startup. Her writing has appeared in 'Time Out Boston' and on BostInnovation, among other publications.

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Mark Lager I'm a very open minded seeker and I have always been able to talk to and meet anyone. I always am myself whether in solitude or with people and I also find it refreshing and fascinating to connect with new people in the same way. I really dig nature, poetry, music, film and filmmaking.

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Martin Totland I am a Norwegian college student in New York, studying film. I'm very passionate about cinema, traveling and the science vs. religion debate and all things related. I like to write about movies: Twitter: @damienwest

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Martin Morales BU Alum, Advertising professional, and comic books. I also like music. A lot. I am currently a marketing rockstar at SCVNGR and looking to do some pretty awesome entertainment industry-related things in the future.

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Matt Ryan [TNGG Boston] I'm a lifelong Democrat and writer of a politically-oriented column, "Banned in D.C." Hobbies include watching TV and listening to super intense bands with mad scary dudes that have tattoos and stuff.

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Matt Cadwallader Matt's a junkie. He gets his fix on social media, technology news and politics. As a student at UMass Amherst, Matt led the UMass chapter of Students for Barack Obama and was a web communications editor for the university. Follow him on twitter:

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Matt Krautstrunk I am a 23-year-old writer, entrepreneur and surfer living in San Diego. I'm a recent UIC college graduate from the windy city, Chicago. I work for a B2B marketing company, and love to write articles geared towards young entrepreneurs.

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Maureen Mackie I took a break from being a Broadcasting and Political Science student at Grand Valley State University to get some real-life experience in the city of Chicago. I enjoy politics, good comedy and the New England Patriots. Follow me on Twitter: @maureenmackie

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Max Chalkin [TNGG Boston] Max Chalkin is a recent graduate of Tufts University and is currently working in biotech marketing. His interests include entrepreneurship, technology, politics, food, and nightlife. He is an avid photographer, cook, and scuba diver.

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McKenzie Lawton McKenzie Lawton is a junior Marketing Communications major at Emerson College. She loves social media and all things pop-culture. McKenzie currently sells lotion at The Body Shop, and interns at the Museum of Science. She grew up in southeastern Massachusetts and has a deep love for the city of Boston. She spends most of her free time watching television. And no, she is not named after Mackenzie Phillips. Twitter: @mckenzielawton

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Meena Zia I am a web developer and online organizer for One Wisconsin Now, a non-profit focused on progressive issue advocacy, research, and communications. I live for politics, web design, and a good story. Twitter: @meenazia

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Megan Jasin I'm an Iowa Hawkeye Alum working as a Social Media Community Manager at Lightspan Digital in Chicago. I love networking, volunteering in hospital cancer wards and talking about books, public relations and social media. I'm obsessed with Warby Parker, my Kindle Fire, hipster bars and Google Reader. I also freelance for Inside the Envelope, a custom invitation design company. Twitter: @IowaHawkeyeMeg

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Megan Weisenberger I'm a 22-year-old account planner at Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis, who's equally interested in saving the world and learning how to walk in high heels. I get excited about the evolution of technology, wine nights and live music. Let's have a conversation. (@foyobli)

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Megan Riesz Megan Riesz is a junior at Boston University studying news-editorial journalism and women's studies. Her passions are women's and social issues, as well as U.S. politics. On the weekends, you can find her re-watching "Game of Thrones" episodes or playing the latest installment of "Assassin's Creed." Or enjoying a nice brew.

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Meghan Ross I'm a recent grad from Boston University where I studied marketing and advertising, with a concentration in making life references to TV comedies (the good ones) and an addiction to social media. Hoping to one day have a career that combines my love of comedy, TV/film, social media, writing, volunteering, traveling, concerts, puppies (why not?), and napping. Until then, sarcastically live-tweeting my 20's here: @MeghanRRoss

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Meghan Gilligan [TNGG Boston] I'm a junior at Boston University studying magazine journalism. I grew up in New Jersey and London (I know -- different), and my family moved to NYC when I graduated high school. In my free time, I like to cook, travel, and write, and I recently discovered that I love yoga.

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Melanie Wong Melanie Wong is the Managing Editor for the Brands section. A senior at Emerson College in hopes of a B.S. in Marketing Communications: Advertising and Public Relations. She also carries a Entrepreneurship minor. Melanie is in the process of developing a business plan for a Social Media Consulting Agency based in San Francisco hoping to package social media to small local businesses. She loves writing about technology (avid WoW player and Xbox 360 devotee), social media, hot trends and cute things (see blog). Her favorite blogs include Mashable, Copyranter, and Twitter: @melanieswong

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Melanie Yarbrough [TNGG Boston] I write, but mostly I read. I love bakeries, school supplies, comfortable shoes, short fiction, and really good sentences. Watch me make some mediocre sentences at @myarbrough.

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Melissa Pocek Melissa is a Boston-based writer and has covered national issues, local events, and professional profiles. She admits proudly that her interests, such as frequent attendance of music festivals, writing about new media and technology, and worldwide sampling of regional foods and wine, extend into a passion that fuels her writing. Twitter: @melissapocek

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Melissa Reohr I am a senior at Bentley University and will be graduating in May. After graduation, I plan to live in Boston because I love it here. I am obsessed with social media and blogging and can't wait to further my skills and knowledge of both.

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Melissa Werthmann [TNGG Boston] I'm a journalism student at Northeastern University, originally from New Jersey. I love hiking, kayaking, and cereal, and I am a vegetarian. I'm afraid of nothing, except butterflies. I love Disney movies, and I hope to one day meet Betty White.

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Meredith Wish Hi I'm Meredith. I specialize in copywriting and graphic design. Based in Boston; you'll catch me watching a game at Fenway, reviewing a film, or performing in Harvard Square. I love doing it all and I can never make up my mind. I like to consider myself a "Jill of all Trades." Twitter: @thoughtfulwish

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Mia Greenberg I am a journalism student born in Bolivia and raised in Massachusetts. I love coffee, dogs, and obscure news. Some day I hope to be a documentary filmmaker.

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Michael Conte I'm Mike, a working professional trying to avoid my own personal Baker Street. If you do not know that reference, please listen to more Gerry Rafferty. Always remember, we didn't start the fire, but we can try to put it out.

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Michael Flanagan [TNGG Boston] I am a journalism student at Emerson College getting ready to graduate in December. I've done investigative work for the New England Center for Investigative Reporting and covered beats in Bridgewater and Dorchester, but my passion is music. When I'm not blurring the line between obsession and enjoyment while listening to Pavement or Bruce Springsteen, I'm punching walls over the Celtics. Twitter: @mikeflanagan2

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Michael Fox [TNGG Boston] I'm twenty-one and finishing up my last year at college. I'm pumped to expand my world and see what's out there yet I know there is still plenty for me to accomplish here at school. I know what I believe in and I will always stand by it.

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Michelle Arrazcaeta I am a city girl drawn to diverse and cultural places, which makes sense since I moved to New York from Miami to work in advertising. Performing and traveling are lifetime passions that taught me how to connect with people. I am a dreamer and rightfully so since "we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." Twitter: @marrazcaeta

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Miguel de Braganza [TNGG Boston] I love art, music, entrepreneurship, and the creative culture at large. I run Yes.Oui.Si. Boston, a multi-sensory exhibition space. My favorite place in Massachusetts is West Tisbury.

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Mike Kujak 1. I'm an aspiring journalist. 2. I'm a huge film nerd. 3. I'm a political junkie. Twitter: @mikekujak

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Minh Pham I once told my mom that there are three consistent passions in my life: advertising, bartending, and tennis. I wouldn't consider myself an expert in any of those fields, but something about each of them makes me feels very much alive.

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Miranda Dennis Whether it's about fashion or certain political movements, I have my ear to ground, especially when information trickles into the mainstream and pop culture. I tend to say things that months later feel prophetic; this isn't because I sit around a crystal ball, trying to see the future. Instead, I've carefully studied the past and how trends reemerge year after year. It's amazing and exciting to see the old become new, imbued with a better, younger energy. I'd love to be able to put those observations into a language that younger people can understand!

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Mollie Campbell I'm a daughter, sister, friend, soul mate, writer and editor. I enjoy studying literature, food and fixing it, exploring different cultures, and dancing. I love a good latte, sunshine and watching an occasional basketball game. I see the Internet as a connecting tool between me and the rest of society...I love the way it helps me learn about and understand the world!

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Monica Sellers I'm a masters student, a freelancer, a social media enthusiast, a dancer, a designer and an adventurer. That's a lot of things for one tiny girl from the Pacific Northwest to be, especially when she's living in a big city like London, but that's me. Oh, and I climb things. Twitter: @bluedance

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Nate Goldman I am an immersive storytelling practitioner with a fascination with transmedia and how it relates to marketing. I created a transmedia radio drama called Undead End, which has been invited for consideration into the Sundance Institute's New Frontier Story Lab. As a storyteller, and someone who's studied copywriting in college, I plan to continue creating meaningful and engaging stories for brands and entertainment under the transmedia discipline. Twitter: @NateGoldman

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Nathalie Magri Nathalie grew up in a small town in Maine. As was tradition in her region, she saddled up her moose when she came of age and journeyed to Boston, where she attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. There, she learned a variety of skills in the arts, majoring in 3-D glass and animation. She currently lives in the city with her collection of plants and spoons, and she likes it that way.

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Neil James Basically, I just like to write.

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Next Great Posts labeled as Next Great are generally submissions by various contributors, whose information can be found within the text of the article. Next Great posts without author information are the collective effort of the editorial staff: Christine Peterson, Alex Pearlman and Edward Boches.

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Nicole Stockdale I am a junior Economics major at the University of Southern California, who strongly believes that right-brainers will rule the next working generation. I hope to pursue a career in the marketing/advertising or technology industry, where great products are the result of innovative creative thinkers. Outside of school, you will always find me at my favorite local coffee shop reading with my dog.

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Nicole Tirosh I'm a digital marketing professional by day, an aspiring chef by night, and a California native who just relocated to DC! My passion to cook has been blossoming since the early days...opting to watch Julia Child over Barney. I get satisfaction in sharing my approach on how to make easy, eye appealing, gourmet meals. Twitter: @NicoleTirosh

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Nicole Witkowski I am a third year journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto. I want to better understand the world and be able to change it through writing. Writing might one day be my job, but my passion is fine-art, conceptual photography.

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Niles Emerick I'm a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur aspiring to help others catch a vision for their life and put them on a path to achieve it. Runner, cyclist, climber, social entrepreneur, dreamer, speaker, inspiration blogger, all around explorer of as many things in this life as possible. I have the pleasure of daily working with some of the most intelligent people of our generation, creating, inspiring, coaching, and developing with the greatest workforce this century has seen. I studied Economics and Photography at the fine institution of Hillsdale College, where I also learned to appreciate the finer things in life. Follow me on twitter @naemerick.

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Nira Rae Colonero I'm a city girl from Boston and I've recently decided to pursue writing. I love to listen to music, dance my little heart out and laugh - especially that last one. Hit me up on twitter. @nirarae

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Nita Lim Book loving Nerfighter. Never learned phonics. Chief that can't drive.

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Noah Singer Noah Singer is a Product Marketing Manager focusing on social media on the Windows Consumer Marketing team at Microsoft. Previously he was a Search Account Manager for Bing at Microsoft Advertising. Before Microsoft, Noah has held positions at Citigroup, Lowe New York, Miramax Films, & Elizabeth Arden. Noah holds a B.B.A. in Marketing from James Madison University with concentrations in European Business and Business to Consumer Marketing and holds a minor in Educational Media. He believes knowledge is power and enjoys spontaneity. Twitter: @noahlsinger

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Olivia DiNucci I'm a political communications and entrepreneurship studies major at Emerson College, where I also play for the women's basketball team. Emerging myself in new experiences and cultures is something I want my life to consist of. My ideal day in Boston includes biking around town scoping out the best deals and going to the coolest events. Food, traveling, and interacting with people excite me!

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Oriana Conklin I am an under-stimulated, bar-tending, cocktail-serving, college graduate who dreams of writing novels in her parlor while chain-smoking Virginia Slims. While I don't smoke and I don't have a parlor, I do write--because there is power in writing. If you're not depressed, you're not paying attention.

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Parvis Radji Brahim I am a business graduate. I have a fragile ego. I am politically nonchalant and have shaky religious views. Some people consider me as a douche or whatever. But that’s their business. Twitter: @parvisbrahim

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Patrick Johnson I've been an ongoing “problem” to society since I was about 5 years old. It wasn’t until last year I finally admitted I am addicted to cookies. My mother and father founded me in 1988; I’m a senior at the University of South Florida. I get all jived up about this social, new media kind of stuff and really enjoy learning about the intersection of humans and technology. Oh yea, I also do crazy stuff that involves bear costumes sometimes.

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Paul Driskill 21. Queer. Stress-able. Enjoys brains (studying them, that is). Enjoys writing. Goes to UMass Boston. Frisbee. Om-noms frequently. Utilizes the phrase "om-noms" occasionally in profiles.

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Philip Crean I'm an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran turned Brown University student. When I'm not in school you can usually find me at the gym, on my bike, or losing track of life and time in front of my beloved XBox. My career goal is to become a successful investment banker and open up a doggie daycare.

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Puneet Sandhu Puneet works in public relations; loves books, music and rain; will talk to strangers on the train much to the embarrassment of her companions; and possess an appetite too big for her tiny frame. She is happiest when writing and running up phone bills she cannot afford.

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Rachel Gates A recent Northeastern University grad, now working full-time as an Internet Coordinator at the Reebok HQ and living in the heart of Boston. I'm an AOL Advertising, Modernista and Her Campus Media alum, waitress at the local-campus-bar, and a social media addict. You can find me here, @rachellgates.

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Rachel Pennellatore [TNGG Boston] I'm a tiny gal with big ideas who's always on the move. One day I'm going to use my vast amount of otherwise useless trivia knowledge to beat Ken Jennings' Jeopardy score. Likes: hula hooping, all things involving the 80's, delicious martinis, sunshine, proper grammar, baby animals. Dislikes: math, being cold, spiders, most vegetables, things in places I can't reach.

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Raffy Ermac I am a voracious writer, and a rabid pop culture enthusiast. College life is the only life for me. I love nothing more than to enjoy quality entertainment, whether it be a reading page-turning novel, watching a summer blockbuster, or indulging in the music dominating the pop charts. Twitter: @raffyregardless

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Renee Mitson I love blogging and social media. I obsess over tech, interior design, memes, cycling, and ridiculous fashion trends. From Providence, moved to Boston, Toronto is next this fall! Twitter: @reneemitson

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Rick Montanari After graduating from West Virginia University with a BS in Advertising I spent some time in Denver, CO living the dream and trying to breakthrough in the ad industry. I quickly learned that I had more resources and better opportunities on the east coast and made the trip back. I am currently employed as a personal trainer and can be found delving into anything from the tattoo industry to real estate in my free time.

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Rob Cadwallader Rob is a sophomore studying at the University of Connecticut. He's often found tinkering with old computers, reading tech blogs, or fixing iPods.

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Robert Perry Music is where my head is at. I've played guitar for 10 years, play in the band The Marines, (check us out in the Boston area if you dig Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. or the Replacements) and eat up any film or literature on the topic. I'm also a huge Celtics fan as well whose not feeling so optimistic about chances of a full season in the midst of the current lock out. Follow me @thedefades

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Rolliene Mallari I enjoy long walks to the fridge and drink more coffee and tea than should ever be ingested by one person at one time. I'm majoring in philosophy and psychology at Montclair State University, so everyday is a constant question of why I'm here and how it made me feel. Maybe one day I will solve that question, but I would probably explode at that exact moment.

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Ronald Baez I'm a writer from Miami, Fl. I write sociopolitical satire. I'm a musician and I play in a band called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Twitter: @Ronald_Baez

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Rorie Aondeline Perez Graduating from Emerson in May 2012 with a BFA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing. No idea what’s next, but I’m excited as hell for it. I like sangria, history, short stories, the American West, weirdos, well-written movies, road trips, and Led Zeppelin, and I think Kindles are a disgrace.

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Rory McGrath Contributing Editor of OWS. Attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Graduated with a BA in Economics. Current MBA candidate at Northeastern University, living in Boston.

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Ryan Hadfield Ryan Hadfield is a writer for, predominantly covering the Boston Celtics and hosting a media podcast. He is currently working on his first book, 'The 25th Year: 12 Months of Suspect Choices and Strange Events.' Follow him on Twitter @R_Hadfield.

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Saba Hamedy [TNGG Boston] I'm a Los Angeles native and junior at Boston University, double majoring in journalism and political science. I was editor-in-chief of BU's independent student newspaper, 'The Daily Free Press,' during the Fall 2011 semester and am spending this semester studying abroad in London. I love traveling, writing, reading and taking photos.

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Sam Peters I currently live in beautiful San Diego, California but just recently returned state-side after spending several years living in Argentina and Mexico. Instead of following the "traditional educational path" I did my undergraduate and graduate studies abroad, which was a fabulous experience. Now that I returned to the U.S, I am looking to share my insight and voice regarding education and career development.

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Samantha Talsky Wisconsin-grown advertising junky & Marquette University grad. I was recently transplanted to North Carolina to put my skills to work for Mullen. I'm incessantly curious and thrive on good story-telling. Guacamole & spinach dip are my Heaven on Earth.

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Samantha Curtin [TNGG Boston] I'm a South Shore native pursuing a career in the advertising industry, a lover of travel, snow, sand, and anything creative, and a Boston sports enthusiast with a secret desire to become the next Cake Boss. I want to do what I love and love what I do while continuing to travel the world. Twitter: @samanthancurtin

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Sam Ellison Song/Copy/Short Story/Letter Writer with a great love for words and a penchant for the obscure. In the Boston area by way of Cincinnati, Ann Arbor and Cleveland.

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Sami Pearlman I am currently a History major at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. I'm from LA and spent last semester studying abroad in Jaipur, India. I love to read, cook, write and travel, all while being amazed at the world around me! Twitter: @SamiPearlman

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Sara Brown I'm a recent college grad, ready to take over the world with my words. When I am not worried about deadlines, I like beer, cheese and concerts.

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Sara Marie Watson I work at Brightcove, the leading online video platform where I manage our inbound marketing content strategy. I'm also a Lead Researcher for the Web Ecology Project. I previously researched and wrote for a Fortune 500 CIO audience as a technology analyst at The Research Board, a subsidiary of Gartner, Inc. Twitter: @smwat

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Sarah Betancourt I am a recent alumna of Emerson College currently working as a communications guru at a local union. I am interested in international relations, social movements, science, and politics. You can find me reading or gallivanting around Boston, shooting photos at rallies and political events. Sometimes, there is cake involved. That is not a lie.

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Sarah Merriman For as long as I can remember, I've been searching for ways to dance, draw, write, and scream out my opinions on the pursuit of education, happiness, and not failing. I don't really believe in doing things without full effort and without looking for the joy in them. Yeah, I'm a feminist, and yeah, I'm an Arab, and yeah, I'm a writer or something, but I'm mostly interested in one goal: meeting and hearing the story of every person on the planet.

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Sasha Mishkin I am a journalist, novelist, and no particular order. After graduating college with a degree in Journalism, I started working for a community paper. Now, I am a reporter for a company that owns 13 different newspapers in Boston. I also recently published my first novel, Going Greek. It's a book about life in college, and while most of us are trying to escape it, we can all admit it'd be nice to go back.

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Scott Templeman Marketing Coordinator for The Gilbane Group ( Duties include coordinating Conference speakers, webmaster, and acting as a fill-in IT department. Computer geek, SM enthusiast, and football fanatic are among a list of interests and activities that epitomize ADHD. Twitter: @tallbonez

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Seth Hosko Hey, I'm Seth. I'm passionate about branding and experience design (something I'm out to define). I love Boston, traveling, freeskiing, and did I mention branding? I'm co-founder of the venture firm Dangerous Ambition, and probably spend too much time on twitter (@shosko). Hoping to bridge the gap between how we view brands and how most brands view themselves.

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Shauna Stacy I like to keep things brief and to-the-point. Food is my politics. Sometimes, I'm funny. Follow me @shaunastacy.

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Sheerlie Ryngler I'm a bit of a nomad or a twenty-first century "wandering Jew," currently living in Jaffa, Israel, where I am attempting to work on behalf of human rights and peace(ful coexistence). I like to be outdoors as much as possible, learn about healthy and/or vegetarian fare and its preparation, and practice yoga on my roof under the sun and clouds! The natural world amazes me but I often have a hard time understanding why we live the way we do.

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Sindhu Palaniappan I'm a Bentley University student, majoring in Economics and Finance. An editor, amateur writer and photographer, and arteest. Wherever I am, I am what is missing!

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Siya Africa I spent several years studying politics and journalism in South Africa before working in the media industry there. Whilst taking photographs of Nelson Mandela and writing about celebrities visiting the "Mother Land" I decided to make my way to the States, in 2009, and have been a grad student at IU ever since. All your tweets belong to me (courtesy of Julia Roy). Twitter: @siyaafrica

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Spencer Bramson Spencer Bramson, a 22-year old college dropout who has racked up quick success as an entrepreneur. In his short career, he’s already notched some major victories working with ROCKSTAR Energy Drink, CampusLive, Thomson Reuters and Google+ and his own companies, Buzz University and The Royal Apparel Company.

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Stacy Horowitz Stacy Horowitz enjoys strolling the streets of Boston pretending to be a tourist when she is not writing. She has a voracious appetite for books and fashion and all things chocolate.

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Stephanie Bullis I’m the Apprentice of Buzz at Grasshopper Group. Beyond that, I’m an optimistic 20-something, addicted to chocolate and reality TV. Born, raised, educated and living in the great state of MA (yes, I need to explore), I’m doing my best to navigate this crazy thing known as the “real-world”. Twitter: @srbullis

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Stephanie Ramones I'm a bit of an expert dabbler. I received my BA in psychology and minor in philosophy at Boston University and just finished my thesis for my Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm also a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics Programming and hypnotherapy. I also hold certifications in Group Fitness Exercise Instruction, Spinning Instruction and Personal Training. Currently, I'm in Philadelphia working as a psychology researcher in well-being, clinical psychology, social psychology, pop culture, social media and networks and moonlighting as a personal trainer. Twitter: @sramones In my spare time, I like to run, dance salsa, watch movies, and read.

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Stephanie Simmons My name is Stephanie, but most people call me Stevie (think Nicks, only bigger hair and slightly less vocal talent). I'm a junior at Villanova University, originally hailing from Boston. I enjoy Road Dahl stories, Lauryn Hill songs and a nice, warm plate of shahi paneer.

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Stephanie Wrobel I'm a dreamer and creator, currently in the form of a copywriter at Chicago Portfolio School. I can't learn enough about the human brain, imagination, intelligence, success and psychology. I'm good at procuring bruises, eating ice cream and laughing maniacally. Twitter: @stephwrobel

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Steven Paquin Sometimes I watch seven movies a week and then read 80 pages of "A History of Narrative Film," looking for more movies to watch. In Dublin, a drunkard mistook me for Maxwell Smart and told me about how he previously took seven hits of heroine a week, only to spend his spare time finding ways to get more heroin. All I kept thinking was, "Man, that would make a great film," but then I remembered "Trainspotting."

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Sukanya Seshadri A recent college graduate, I'm a bit of an astronomy buff who is in love with words, books, social media and lovely new places. Born in one country, grew up in another and having lived in two others since, I'm a wanderlustress at heart. I dream of living in different places and being able to converse fluently in different languages, and maybe even fit in an expedition or two across the Poles within my lifetime, soaking in all that these experiences will offer and wringing myself out to drench piles of notebooks with my words. Twitter: @essyoukayi

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Susan Brennan I am a 22 year old aspiring copywriter who graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Art History. I won my school's geography bee in 7th grade and I frequently sleep talk. Give me something slathered in barbecue sauce and I'll love you forever.

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Susan Hua Why hello there! My name is Susan and I'm a Torontonian. I am currently attending Seneca College for Creative Advertising and recently graduated from York University in Sociology. I like to be observant and am always up for a good talk. My outlets for crazy days are: analyzing ads, sunshine, combat classes (training to be a ninja) and mindful breathing. Twitter: @satisfeye

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Tamar Zmora [TNGG Boston] I'm a recent Wellesley College grad with a degree in English and studio art. I grew up in the Midwest and briefly lived in Europe and the Middle East. My name is often mistaken for Tamara from "Sister, Sister." I love exploring coffee shops and am almost always highly caffeinated. I am very interested in films, the arts, theatre, painting, photography -- you name it -- '90s TV shows, and music.

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Ted Dillon As a Renaissance Man of the modern age, my thirst for knowledge and insight is unending. I recently graduated from Boston College having studied Film, so know a little bit about everything and a lot about movie making. I dabble in sailing, rock climbing, and hunting, all while actively blogging, site building, Tweeting, and writing full length screenplays. Twitter: @evdillon

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Ted Kopec I am currently in my second year of law school at Drexel University. I am focusing on becoming a plaintiffs' attorney dealing with personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability and environmental law. In my spare time, I do my best to keep up with the ever-moving world of American politics.

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Teresa Welsh I like writing, reading, running, baking and anything pumpkin-flavored. I spend my time pretending I'm still in college by attending lectures and events the great city of New York has to offer, working, and trying to figure out how I'll be able to feed/shelter myself with a career as a journalist. I also enjoy current events, This American Life, and sarcasm. Twitter: @tmawelsh

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Theresa Amrhein I am a living in through post grad life after attending four years at Boston University where I studied Film & Television, and the art of being a stereotypical college student. I am currently employed at a media agency in the great city of New York, where I commute from my home, which I adore, Long Island (don't make fun). I'm slightly obsessed with television, I heart NY sports, I frequent the cinemas, adore pop culture, love the beach and who doesn't enjoy a good celebrity scandal?

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Theresa Lopez I'm a former Elvis impersonator wannabe turned Advertising student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I speak four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish & Starbucks. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, reading cheesy pick up lines, investigating the latest trends in pop culture, and my 1992 Rusty Brown Ford Crown Victoria. Twitter: @theresaalopez

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Ticara Gailliard I was born in Yonkers, New York but raised in Memphis, Tennessee, so I've got a wacky accent. I've been writing since elementary school; someday it'd be nice to be paid for it. I'm a gamer and a weirdo and sometimes I snort when I laugh. Twitter: @RaspberrySwirly

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Tiffanie Shanks I'm a passionate, caring, thoughtful and self-reflective young woman with a heart for the church and a mentality for entrepreneurial ventures. I believe in God, the individual, call, humility, destiny, education, potential and chivalry. I value faith, community, vocation, confidence, hard work, experience, purpose and independence. Twitter: @TAShanks

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Tim Olsen I'm a 21 year old senior finance major at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My passion is and always will be finance and investing. I bought my first stock at age 8, wrote a book - The Teenage Investor - which was published by McGraw-Hill when I was 13 years old and have interned at a New York City-based hedge fund for 5 years. Now, my goal is to help fellow members of Generation Y learn the importance of saving and investing as early as possible!

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Timothy Ryan In between surf sessions in frigid Rhode Island waters and moonlighting at the New School, I'm working as freelance writer and acting on my passion for provocative editorial work. Look for me in a dimly lit bar in Brooklyn or local music venue celebrating each and every small victory along the way. You can find me on twitter @timjamesryan.

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Todd Plummer Originally from Dracut, Massachusetts, I'm now living the glamorous ex-pat lifestyle, freelance writing and finishing my senior year at McGill University in Montreal. I'm probably the only French-speaking Eagle Scout you'll ever meet who plays piano, interned at Vogue and was once a competitive downhill skier. A self-proclaimed Twitter addict, I love exploring and spreading the word on anything tasty, chic and relevant.

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Todd Liss Hi everyone, I'm Todd. I recently completed my MBA coursework in marketing and decided to to blaze my own Gen Y trail and start my own business. I now spend my days helping small to medium companies improve their online connections with their past, current and future customers. Twitter: @ToddLiss

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Tom Miesen Tom is a fan of ads, words, and pop culture. You'll rarely see him go a day without quoting "The Simpsons." Currently, he is in Madison, Wisconsin trying to wade the murky waters of a first "real-world" job. Want to know more? Check out @tmiesen on Twitter.

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Tori Elliott I am a Senior in college trying pretty hard to find my niche in the real world and build a world that I want to live in. I love traveling, mangoes, writing, good coffee, quotes, old books, adventures, photography, and good conversation.

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Tzivia Halperin [TNGG Boston] I'm currently studying nonfiction writing at Emerson College with a double minor in photography and psychology. Coalescing them, my time is really spent thinking about humans, talking to humans, writing about humans, and rendering humans. Besides photography and writing, my interests include and are pretty much limited to mocking Kevin Bacon and pretending to be a 65-year-old smoker from Brooklyn. Find me on Twitter at @Tzivia_Halperin.

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Valeria Villarroel Recent College Grad, New Employee, who's media-obsessed. Straddling the line between low-tech and new-tech. Writer. Personality. Fangirl. I love thinking about and debating brit-pop, media, politics, and social issues. I have a lot of things to say, and probably not enough words to say it. Find me on twitter @Maleria_withaV

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Vanessa Formato [TNGG Boston] Vanessa Formato is a 22-year-old Clark University graduate, freelance journalist, vegan cupcake enthusiast, and video game aficionado. She blogs about body image and tweets about puppies. So awesome, even John Stamos is impressed. Twitter: @MirrorGoRound

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Veena Rao I am an opinionated person and love talking about books, politics and feminism. I believe that we make a difference just by being aware.

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Veronica Heringer I am a multimedia professional experienced in developing marketing strategies for TV, radio, print and online platforms. I am also a declared social media junkie and have been blogging since 2004. Currently, I am a proud MA student at Ryerson University, obsessing over digital marketing and audience engagement strategies.

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Veronica Zaretski I'm currently a graduate student living in Toronto and pursuing a career in media and content creation. I'm passionate about merging media innovation and non-profit development to find new platforms and opportunities for social change. I love community building, gallery hopping, baking, coffee, and taking the opportunity to learn as much as I can everyday.

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Veronica Baker Veronica Baker is a senior marketing student at Emerson College with interests ranging from social media to hip-hop. She is originally from Los Angeles and plans on moving back after graduating this coming spring.

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Vicky Chou Vicky Chou is a sophomore Marketing Communications major at Emerson College. She is also a Political Communications minor. Vicky loves social media, advertising, travel, and following various fashion, travel, and food blogs. She is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Follow her on twitter @vickytchou.

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Victoria Solomon I'm a graduate from Simmons College and currently a marketing coordinator at Allen & Gerritsen in Boston. I love hiking, creating websites, finding the best burritos, and tweeting—anything related to social media. You can find me at and

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Vidhi Kapoor I am a curious person, fascinated by way too much. I like to questions things and help people. Travel, Photography and People interest me.

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Welina Farah I'm a UMass Boston student of sociological sorts with a political twist. I like black coffee, snarky comments, speaking my mind (especially when I shouldn't), social justice and Latin dancing. Let's think together on Twitter; you can find me @Ouleena.

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Whitney Prior After spending my childhood in Maine, I moved to Boston, graduated from BC, and became one of the city's many outspoken, overachieving, and underpaid young professionals. A social media marketer by day, lifestyle blogger by night, and photographer by weekend, I'm delighted by new media, easy recipes, budget-friendly home decor, and breathtaking landscapes. I'm rarely without at least one of the following: my iPhone, my camera, a good beer, or glass of wine. On a good night, I'll be spotted with all four. You can find me on Twitter @whitneyprior

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William Sisskind My first memory of any conscious thought was writing my first words on a Magna Doodle at one year old. Since then, I've been fascinated with using words and pictures to communicate with people, which ultimately culminated in my decision to study television and writing at Ithaca College. Along with creating short films that I know I'll burn in my professional life, I write compulsively in my free time and compose electronic music, all while trying to avoid that label of "twenty-something." Twitter: @WXSYZ

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Wynn Harrison Hi I'm Wynn! I'm a multimedia journalist and will be graduating from Emerson College with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science in May 2012. I've worked with TV, Radio, and now I'm online! I love Mexican food, twitter (@WynnHarrison), current events, and watching "How I Met Your Mother". Feel free to contact me!

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Yue Huang I grew up in China, studied abroad in Madrid and went to college in Boston. When I'm not traveling or studying foreign languages, I love to read and write about topics ranging from sustainability to social justice. Even though everyone in the world seems to call him/herself a "foodie" these days, I have to say that I obsess over all things food and I bake cakes on no special occasion. Twitter: @huangy07

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Zoe Meeran In my spare time (and sometimes not in my spare time), I shop for shoes. And yes, I'm that obnoxious girl zoom-zoom-zooming around town in my little Mazda3 with the windows rolled down and the music blaring . . . even though I can’t sing a note. Not even one. Currently, I'm a Junior Media Buyer with a B.A. in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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