If you’re anyone like the majority of the population, your New Years resolutions look a lot similar to something like this:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Exercise
  3. Win the lottery

You won’t be getting help with that lottery bit in this article, but however a difficulty it is to exercise and lose weight, it is doable. Everyone usually has the same reasons for not being able to. The most common reason:

I Don’t Have Time

But this year will be different. This is the year you will MAKE time. This is the year those running shoes you bought five months ago finally be taken out of the box. This is the year you tell yourself that you will do it, no matter what.

Girl Doing Squat Workout

So here’s a quick workout that can be done for 15 minutes to get you started. You can spare 15 minutes from your day, right? Grab a timer (your phone, the kitchen timer, whatever) and set it for a minute. Starting with the first move and working your way through the five moves, do as much as you can for one minute before moving onto the next move for another minute. Take rests as you need them. Just make sure to stop the clock when you do, then start it again when you are ready.

1. Jumping Jacks: You know how to do this; years in grade school should’ve taught you this move already.

2. Pushups: Yes they are tough, but they work the entire body, making them perfect for saving time. If you can’t do regular pushups, do modified pushups (on your knees instead of your feet). Easier pushups can be done from a table or kitchen counter or the wall.

3. Squats: With your feet about shoulder width apart, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle (or as low as you can) as if you’re about to sit on a chair (don’t fall back!), then return to your starting position.

4. Dips: Stand in front of a table, counter, chair, etc., facing away from it. Place your hands on the surface and slowly walk your feet forward. This is your starting position. Bend your elbows and slowly lower yourself down at no more than 90 degree angle, then return to your starting position.

5. Seated Leg Tucks: Sit on a bench, the floor, or a chair and extend your legs in front of you. Raise them up slightly from the floor; this is your starting position. Bring your knees towards your chest while you bring your torso closer to your knees. After a short pause, extend your legs to starting position and repeat.

Take a short minute break, then restart the whole sequence. Do the whole workout three times.

This is a really easy workout routine that can be done anywhere, so you don’t need to make that trudge to the gym.

But to really see results for yourself, you have to eat healthy and incorporate more fruits and vegetables to your diet! Think of food as fuel and your body as the car. Fill your car with the good stuff and it’ll run better and more efficient, so eat good foods! Working out is only 10% of the work. You might have a rockin six-pack, but if it’s hidden under a layer of fat because of too much cheeseburgers, fries, cakes and pies, you won’t ever see it.

And drink plenty of water! It’s incredibly important when you think that your body is mostly made up of water. It can be surprising to think how little liquids we actually ingest on a daily basis (and no, coffee, sodas, and those fancy, sugar-laden drinks do not count). So drink up! Carry around a water bottle with you. It’s a great reminder to keep drinking as the day goes on.

Don’t think of it as exercising and being on a diet. Think about it as you taking new, active steps to take care of yourself. It’s important to take time to do something that is just for you and exercising is a great way to help your body work better for you.

If that doesn’t work, think of this as training for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

But you know what the best type of workout is for weight loss? It’s no secret. The best workout is the one that you’ll do and do consistently.

So make this the year when you will finally work on your resolutions. Now get your butt up and start the new year right!

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